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Managing a business keeps you, well busy. Don’t stress yourself trying to complete all office tasks by yourself. Let me help you and delegate those small tasks to alleviate the stress and ‘buy and save more time’ in your workday.

How Does  A Virtual Assistant Benefit Your Business:

  1. Increase Your Productivity– to focus on the MOST important task that will grow your business.
  2. Alleviate Stress-it can be tough (and overwhelming) being the boss, the secretary, the social media manager, the web designer, all at once. Delegating some of these tasks will alleviate the stresses of trying to wear all the hats and save you from feelings of overwhelm.
  3. Save You Time and Money-Hiring a virtual assistant will save you time and money. You will have more time to work on what really matters, business growth and development and the cost of hiring an employee (e.g., worker’s compensation, sick days, vacation, payroll taxes, etc.)

Services & Pricing

A. Monthly Web Research Support- Are you searching for information related to a topic for a new blog post or need general information regarding companies, products, or services?  Or just information about any important or educational topic in general? Or you just don’t have the time or just don’t want to? Or you’re just not finding what you’re looking for? I will help you find the information you need so you won’t have to spend hours of your time doing so. I’ll do the searching for you.

I also provide the following web research services:

1a. SEO Keywords & Phrases Research and Strategy(Blogging & YouTube)- I help you to find the right words and phrases to use to get your content visible on social media and search engines by providing a list of niche-specific keywords and phrases.

2a. Hashtag Research & Strategy: (Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) -I help you to find the right hashtags to use on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to help you to get your content visible on these 3 social media platforms by providing a list of niche-specific hashtags.

3a. Market Research – I help you to locate your niche audience on social media and blogosphere to began building real business connections and genuine relationships. I will provide a list of where to find your audience.

I can also help you to create surveys and polls, focus groups, questionnaires, and interviews to find out what your audience wants and needs.

4a. Content Research- I help you to find the most popular and hot topics in your industry and niche by providing you with a list of attention-grabbing topics.

5a. Data Research– I can help you find and collect data on any person or place. For example, are you having an event and need a list of the people and their business contact information of people and organizations you wish to invite? I can help you compile a list of invitees and their information to start sending invitations.

6a. Comparative Research – This type of research is when you compare and contrast for the purpose of choosing the best options. For example, you may want to understand what is the best video editing software, A or B.

Tier 1: General Research-$300 per month (data, comparative or informational research)includes a resource list of all data and findings

Tier 2: Keyword/ Hashtag-$500 per month. Research trending keywords and hashtags for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging

Tier 3: Market Research $900 per month- Locate target market (social media, discussion forums e.g. Quora). Assists with setting up Zoom sessions for focus groups create surveys and polls, or interviews and questionnaires (your choice of what type of the 4 data collection methods )

NOTE: Includes help with creating questionnaires and surveys.

Ready for me to find you what you’re looking for. Book your FREE 30-minute discovery strategy session by clicking on the link under the graphic.

B. Creative Design Support

***Graphics are designed to fit the dimensions for your specific social media platform***

***Must create an account in Canva (highly recommended), Crello or Adobe Spark***

***If you’re providing your own graphics, must see proof of purchase***

Please view this brief video about custom vs. non-custom graphics.

1b. Infographics (Information Graphics)– Did you know that Infographics are really popular right now? Did you know that 65% of the human populous are visual learners? Also, did you know that the human brain process visual content 3X faster than written content? Infographics (aka information graphics) are information presented in a visual format to help the reader pick up information more quickly and easily. If you are looking to add visual appeal to your blog post, social media post all while presenting valuable information to your audience, more quickly and easily I can create you beautiful professional infographics to enhance your content.

Monthly Infographic Package

5 Infographics ( 5 per month, 1 per week) Custom-made only $800 per month package

2b. Social Media Graphics, Page Covers, Banners & Thumbnails-I create beautiful branded professional graphics, covers and banners for your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube Pages that WOW your visitors and audience with visual appeal and help your page stand out professionally from the rest of them. Take a look at my value packages below and save!

Social Media  (Non-Custom)Graphics Value Monthly Packages

Social Media Graphic Value Packages(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Thumbnails, blog posts graphics and more (you choose plus mix and match social media graphics of choice). 

5 graphics for $150

15 graphics for $325

Social Media (Custom) Graphics Value Monthly Premium Package

20 graphics $550

C. PowerPoint Presentations (Monthly Packages)

Are you a speaker, trainer, coach or mentor, and your giving training or webinar, but you just don’t have the time to create a presentation to better communicate your messages to your audience visually, well I can certainly take that load off your should and create a visually appealing presentation to help you better convey your message to the audience.

Tier 1: Tweak, arrange and improve existing slides. 20 slides/$10 per slide ($200.00 per month)

Tier 2: Non-Custom Template 40 slides/$30 per slide ($1200.00 per month)

Tier 3: Custom Template ( blank templates from scratch)- 60 slides/$30.00 per slide ( $1800 per month)

Ready to add the awesome power of visuals to your social media content. Let’s go! Book your FREE 30-minute discovery strategy session by clicking on the link below the graphic

C. Visualize Your Brand Branding Support $1500(One Time Fee)

Let me help you create your own unique online identity that is recognizable, credible and make your brand memorable for years to come by helping you brand your business and you (you are the brand too). Branding includes your entire brand identity and personality which includes your business/brand name, your fonts, color palette, inspiration and moods, tagline/slogans, target audience, elevator pitch, and your knowledge and expertise. I’ll help you learn how to brand your business and yourself as a leader in your industry via content marketing and attraction marketing. I will assist you with the following:

1. Choosing A Business Name That Reflects Your Brand.

2. Choosing Colors to Reflect Your Brand’s Personality.

3.  Main logo and secondary logo; a slight version of the main logo and a sub mark (smaller than the main logo and often used as a profile picture).

4.  Supporting Patterns: (aka Brand Style) ex. polka dot aesthetic of your brand.

5. Fonts: (Graphical Writing Style)

6.  Brand Tagline/Slogan-A short phrase to identify your brand, conveying your brand’s product, services, and the benefits.

7. Establishing Yourself As A Leader:

  1. Choose Your Target Market (Ideal Customer Profile/Avatar)
  2. Find Your Target Market’s Needs
  3. Create Content to Solve Problems

****Bonus*** Branding Board

Creative (free branding board template)

Book your FREE 30-minute consultation is you’re ready to visualize your brand by clicking on the link below the graphic

Visualize Your Brand Branding Support

D. Visual Content Strategy Mapping Consultation (For YouTube Marketing) ($197 Value)

 So you know you have to create content for your audience, but you’re pressed for time. You don’t know what to post and when to post on social media. You’re spinning your wheels on what to talk about, coming up with click-worthy headlines and topics and you’re not sure who your target customers are. I’ll show you how through mentoring and support on how to create, curate, distribute and promote excellent social media or blog content while managing a hectic daily schedule and with ease based on your own unique individual schedule with ease. In this session, you will learn how to create an effective time-saving content creation strategy to build an engaging audience for your business. No more spending long hours creating content, No more spending long hours researching, No more wondering what to talk about next and much more.

Book a 90-minute visual content strategy mapping session includes a FREE 30-minute discovery call session. The session will include help with the following 6 steps:

1d. Help with identifying your target audience to clarify who your content is for and speaks to.

2d. Create a killer elevator pitch to give people an impressive lasting impression when they view your social media profiles or ask what do you do.

3d. What social media platforms you should focus on.

4d. Create a list of 10 industry/niche related click-worthy content topics that your audience will be excited to learn and know about.

5d. A sample outline to show you how to organize your thoughts and talking points before going on camera.

6d. How to conduct keyword research to optimize your content for visibility.

7d. A strategy map print out to map out your ultimate goal (s) to help you meet your content strategy goals for the year and stay consistent with your strategy weekly, monthly and annually.

8d. A list of Mommy and Mompreneur YouTuber Facebook groups set up for you to succeed on your Youtube Journey.

What’s in it for YOU, a S.Y.S.T.E.M (Saving yourself some time, energy and money). Let’s put a stop to all your visual content creation and content marketing struggles and book an appointment with me TODAY!

Let’s put your content strategy on the map! Book now for only a $197 value by clicking the link below the graphic

Visual Content Strategy Mapping Session

E. Pinterest Pinning Powerhouse Mentoring and Social Media Management Monthly Packages 

Want to utilize Pinterest to grow your business? Let me help you grow your online presence on Pinterest by increasing your reach, followers, engagement, website clicks and more!

1e. Pinterest 60 Minute Profile and Content Visual Marketing Audit $199

I will conduct an examination of your Pinterest account to help you optimize your page for business, analyze your audience, performance and results and create a report of findings and areas in need of improvement.

2e. Pinterest 2-Month Visual Marketing Consulting Package $1000

A 1 on 1 2-month consulting sessions by Zoom twice each month advising you on how to optimize your Pinterest account for business. I will show you how to create, organize and manage your Pinterest boards, how to create branded content and graphics, create a posting schedule and when, where and how to post.

3e. Pinterest Social Media Monthly Management Package 1: $1600 per month

Monthly done for you Pinterest management includes the following:

1. Set-up Pinterest account or switch personal account to business account(if you haven’t done so already). Create profile cover or video and optimize Pinterest profile.

Create and organize 5-10 Pinterest boards (1 primary brand board and YouTube channel board if you have a YouTube channel)

2. 4 blog posts per month (1 per week)

3. 12 professional pins (Pinterest graphics) per week including 2 Infographics per month

4. Pin and schedule content manually and on autopilot up to 5X per day includes pins and resins of yours and others content on Pinterest and in tailwind tribes. Must purchase Tailwind app.

5. Engagement and growth in Tailwind tribes. Monthly report of your progress.

Pinterest Social Media Management Package 2: $450 per month

1. Create and organize 5-10 Pinterest boards (1 primary brand board and YouTube channel board if you have a YouTube channel)

2. 2 blog posts per month (1 per week for 2 weeks)

3. 6 professional pins (Pinterest graphics) per week including 1 Infographics per month

4. Pin and schedule content manually and on autopilot up to 5X per day includes pins and resins of yours and others content on Pinterest and in tailwind tribes. Must purchase Tailwind app.

5. Engagement and growth in Tailwind tribes. Monthly report of your progress.

F. Pinterest Account Makeover-Clean-up $ 500

If your Pinterest account is unorganized and UN-Pinteresting and in need of a serious makeover? With this package, I’ll help you re-organize, re-optimize and restore your Pinterest account to a functional visual content marketing machine. You’ll get.

1f. A profile makeover. A new photo cover or video, redo your about section to clarify who you help, how and why, verify your website (if necessary), switch your personal account to a business account and other account set up information.

2f. Rearrange or reorganize boards, delete unused boards, old pins.

3f. Set up your tailwind account and select niche related tribes to join.

G. Pinterest (just posting, scheduling and engagement only) $300 per month

***NOTE: additional charges apply for ads and account set up. Must purchase Tailwind app for posting and scheduling ****

Click the link below the graphic to schedule a FREE 30-Minute Consultation to discuss how we can assist you with your Pinterest business needs today.

Pinterest Pinning Powerhouse Package

Instagram Social Media Management Packages (COMING SOON!)

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