Social Media Strategy and Marketing 2021 Best Practices: 3 KEY Areas To Grow and Keep Your Focus

Social Media Strategy & Marketing
The Best Practices

Do you feel your social media strategy and marketing can use a boost in 2021?

If that’s a yes, it’s not to late or too early to change direction for your social media strategy and marketing business goals.

Here are 3 KEY areas of the social media strategy and marketing best practices to grow and keep your focus on if you want to achieve actual or more results for 2021.

Social Media Strategy & Marketing

They are as follows: 1. Visibility 2. Networking and 3. Sales

Let’s delve a little deeper into all three.

1. Visibility – Get visible and stay visible. Choose one social media platform to build your presence and your audience. Start showing up and posting consistently educational content showing people that you know your skill and what ways you can help them grow. Post everyday (max) or at least 3-4 days per week (minimum) to establish your authority.

PRO TIP: Add more visual and interactive content to your social media content strategy and marketing plan.

a. Visual Content -content that is primarily made up of images. Visual content includes pictures, GIFS, Infographics, charts and graphs, live videos, mind maps, memes, screenshots, and slide presentations.

b. Interactive Content-content such as videos, polls, surveys, quizzes, animated and interactive Infographics that encourages active engagement from the viewers and audience.

Visual and Interactive Content Marketing FACTS

1. 40X- the rate at which visual content is shared on social media increasing conversion rates at 86%.

2. People watch live videos 4X more than pre-recorded videos.

3. People love to share visual and interactive content at a rate of 28%.

Source: Single Grain

Visibility! Networking! Sales! Graphic

2. Networking – “You Network is Your Net worth” Tim Sanders

Networking is a VERY important part of social media strategy and marketing. Getting people familiar with you, your brand, and the transformation and or change that your brand brings people and businesses is what creates the LKT (like, know and trust) Factor.

Social Media Strategy & Marketing
The Best Practices Video

Networking requires consistently meeting, chatting and or talking to people about who you are, what you do, and how you can help them solve a problem. Networking includes getting in people’s social media DMs, Zoom networking chats, (no selling or pitching) and engaging on their social media feeds, being active in social networking groups, educating, helping, and asking and answering questions for people.

Just basically getting to know people, build relationships and trust. The more people see you, the more they began to like you, the more they trust you and your authority in your niche.

3. Sales– Once people get to liking you, knowing you and your brand, and trusting you and your authority then people will reach out to you with interest in purchasing your products and services.

2021 is the year of visual and interactive content strategy and marketing on social media. Colorful graphics, 3D photos, animated Infographics, Funny memes, GIFS, live videos, intro videos with music, and sound effects to capture and keep your viewers’ attention.

Let Virtu Works Fore U Creative help you do something different- visual and interactive content strategy and marketing for your business and watch your visibility, network, and sales grow! Schedule your 30-Minute Discovery Consultation to discuss today!

Social Media Strategy And Marketing 2021 Video

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