How To Stay In The Know On A Hectic Schedule With Social Media News And Trends

With the constant evolving of the social media landscape coupled with a super busy schedule, you may wonder how in the world can you keep up with news and changing industry trends.

As a VA, part of my job is social media marketing and management, so I have to stay up to date on news and trends that are taking place in the industry. I usually take 15-30 per day or sometimes an hour a week to see what’s new and trending in my industry niche.

Social Media Trends Graphic

Here’s how I find time to keep up with industry trends.

1. Read industry or niche related books and articles to stay in the know about industry related new trends. For example, I purchase books about all things social media. The authors sometimes update their books annually to up date readers on new industry and niche trends and changes.

2. Join industry and or niche related Facebook communities and groups where industry peers share information and training.

3. Take new and refresher industry and or niche related courses every so often provided by whom you consider a top industry coach or consultant you trust. Many courses are self paced and doesn’t require you to be finished at a certain time. You can take as much time as you need.

4. Take the information you learn, take massive action and apply it consistently in your business. Develop your own unique strategies to share with your target market and to help them solve their problem.

Find the time even if it’s an hour a week or just as little as 15 minutes a day to learn about new social media trends taking place in your industry and niche.

Pro Tip: You can take what you learn and create weekly content for your audience. For example, I create my own content each week about visual content marketing and social media for my YouTube channel based on information I learn and implement within my business. I also create unique strategies and hacks I create based on the knowledge I acquire.
For more information about how Virtu Works Fore U Creative can help you and your business stay in the know when it comes to your industry news and trends to excel in visual content and social media marketing and management, schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us today.
Staying In The Know Social Media
Industry Trends Graphic

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