Social Media Networks: How To Choose The Right One For Your Business

Social Media Networks Video

Just Focus On One or Two Platforms To Master

At first you may feel that you need to be on all social media networks.

You may feel that you are missing out if you’re not on all platforms.

I get it. I’ve been there wondering is it really better over there on the other platforms or will I really get better results over there?

Being omnipresent on all networks is possible if you have lots and lots and lots of time to invest, but if not, which is true for most if not all of us, it’s better to focus on one to two social media networks to grow your business.

See it’s better to focus on becoming proficient on one or two platforms than to be omnipresent on all and  giving poor and lackluster effort and delivery to your marketing and your audience.

Then there’s your time. Your time is very precious, limited and valuable. Social media is free and on and popping around the clock, but your time is limited and valuable. It’s impossible to stay on social media all day considering we all have a life outside of business and social media.

Unless…….you have a team of social media managers to help you. Let’s discuss how Virtu Works Fore U Creative can help you. Get started here.

Choosing A Platform

Choose the platform that best suits your business model and goals. For example, if you’re in the network marketing niche, then Facebook is a great platform for networking especially within the groups.

Let’s say your goal is to build your email list, Pinterest is a great platform to promote your offer, such as a guide or tutorial to give people incentive to join your email list to stay in the know about the latest news and happenings in your business.

Knowing where your audience is located is another factor in determining the right social media network for your business. For example, if your target audience is coaches and counselors, Facebook and LinkedIn are where you’re more likely to find these two groups. If your audience is beauty experts or influencers, then Instagram is where you’ll likely find people in that particular audience.

Social Media Networks Video

All social media platforms are different, so it’s important to consider factors such as business goals and target market demographics when you decide which platforms are right for your business.

To get help with visual content and social media management services, including help with choosing the right platform for your business, schedule a 30-minute discovery call.

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