6 Creative & Graphic Design Basic Rules To Creating Stand Out Visuals For Your Business Marketing

Do you have the desire to learn how to create your own graphic designs but you feel that design is not your forte?

It takes a good amount of practice to master creative design skills and with tools like Canva, which is my number one business graphic and design tool. Tools like Canva makes it easy for the novice and or newbie designer to create quality professional graphics and designs quickly and easily.

There are 6 basic creative and graphic design basics to get started creating stand out visuals for your business marketing. They are as follows.

Creative Design Basic Rules Infographic
  1. Use only 2 fonts that compliment each other. One heavy bold font and a lighter non bold font. My two fonts are Abril Fatface(Heavy Bold font) and Merriweather(Lighter non-bold font). You see this pairing in the graphic.
  2. Color palettes should consists of only 4 colors maximum.
  3. Illustrations, graphics, and photos should be congruent with the message the design is conveying.
  4. Text should be correctly aligned, sized, spaced, and easy to read.
  5. Observe and study other designs for inspiration and development of your own designing skills.
  6. Keep your designs branded (i. e., same colors and fonts in all designs), neat and simple.
Basic Graphic Design Rules Infographic

What simple rules do you follow for designing graphics for your business?

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Creative Design Basic Rules Infographic

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