A Pinterest Content Strategy: The Simple 10-Step Pinterest Secret Success Formula For Beginners

Do you feel like your business should have a presence on Pinterest, but it looks like too much work? This is a feeling one of my followers on social media shared with me. If you feel this way, I don’t want you to. So, I’m going to share a simple 10-step formula to help you get started on your path to success on Pinterest as a beginner and how to do it without feeling overwhelmed.

The 10-Step Pinterest Secret Success
Formula Infographic

1. Create a blogging content strategy that is best suitable for your schedule. You may blog once per week, twice per week, bi-weekly or once per month. Whatever you choose in blogging frequency remember to be consistent with blogging. Always make sure your content is useful to the reader and is 500-1500 words long. Quality and quantity matters.

2. Create a visual content strategy along with your blogging strategy. Visuals are front and center on Pinterest so it’s important that you create stand out images and graphics. Seems like a lot? Not really, you can create multiple images quickly by using templates in graphic design tools such as Canva and Crello. Templates will help you create beautiful graphics and images quickly and easily without spending hours at the computer.

Pinterest allows users to create multiple graphics and images to one blog post because Pinterest considers new graphics and images as new content. So you can create at least 2-5 new images per week for each of your blog posts and upload to Pinterest, which will be considered new content! Amazing isn’t it?

If creating blog posts and graphics is overwhelming for you, learn the art of content batching, it increases your blogging and graphic creation productivity and saves time. You will find that it will also help you stay consistent with your content strategy.

3. Create a manual and autopilot pinning schedule to cut your pinning time in half. We have other business tasks such as client work to focus on so we don’t have a lot of time to spend pinning on Pinterest. That’s why having a pinning schedule is just as important as having a content strategy.

A pinning schedule allows you to pin content for weeks and months ahead to avoid spending time pinning when you could be focusing on another business tasks.

Pinterest allows you to manually upload, pin, and schedule pins by month, date, and time as you like. Tailwind, a Pinterest and Instagram content scheduling app allows you to pin and share pins on autopilot days, weeks, and months ahead so you won’t have to.

Pinterest certainly doesn’t mind autopilot scheduling, but Pinterest absolutely loves ❤️manual scheduling. Why? Because it shows Pinterest’s algorithm that you’ve taken more time to pin. Be sure to include both a mix of autopilot and manual pinning.

The 10-Step Pinterest Secret
Success Formula Infographic

4. Write good SEO friendly pin descriptions that include the important, relevant keywords within your blog and visual content. For example, if your pin titles and blog content is about blogging tips, then your description should include keywords such as “blogging” and “blogging tips. ” Another example, at Virtu Works Fore U Creative the keywords “visual content marketing “ and “content marketing” is used in pin descriptions because those are regularly used keywords within our brand content.

Pinterest SEO Checklist

5. Use hashtags for pin visibility and search-bility to make your pins visible to viewers and subscribers. Hashtags also makes it easier for people to find trending and popular topics in various industries. For example, if you’re a blogger who creates content about blogging and blogging tips then you should be using the hashtags #blogging and #bloggingtips so that your content will be easy for people to find in trending and popular blogging topics. It’s also important to create a custom brand hashtag unique to your business. For example, #bloggingwithbrenda is a custom hashtag because it’s unique to you and your brand and help people specifically find your content. Another example is Virtu Works Fore U Creative’s #virtuworksforeu and #virtuworksforeucreative unique custom hashtags used for branding Virtu Works Fore U Creative’s content on Pinterest. Custom hashtags let everyone know that your content is yours when they come across your content.

6. Repin content from other niche content creators is showing support and that sharing is caring. Pinterest encourages pinners to not only share their pins but the pins of others and if you’re in business repin the pins of other content creators in your niche. The sharing of pins between content creators is beneficial to everyone by helping everybody’s pins get more exposure and shares.

***Get proficient with pinning and stay up to date with Pinterest visual and marketing. View my ongoing lessons and tutorials on my YouTube Pin To Proficiency Playlist (formerly known as Pinning With Purpose Playlist). ***

The 10-Step Pinterest Secret
Success Formula Infographic

7. Join and engage in Tailwind tribes to further increase your reach and visibility. As mentioned earlier the Tailwind app is a Pinterest content scheduling app, however, Tailwind is more than just a scheduling app. It’s where people join niche or industry-related tribes and share their content to be repinned/shared with and by other tribe members. In tailwind tribes, people connect with other content creators as well as share 1 pin for a 1 pin each. Tailwind tribes have helped many content creators on Pinterest 10X their reach and visibility by increasing page and pin views and shares, making pins go viral, driving quality traffic to their site, and making some sales. Sign up to get a free month of Tailwind.

8. Use story pins for increased reach and visibility. Many people either overlook or some don’t know that like Facebook’s stories feature, Pinterest has its own stories feature called story pins. Share a brand story, a few helpful tips, or the process of something via video to name a few with story pins. Ever since I’ve started using story pins my reach on Pinterest has increased and so has my website traffic and shares. So don’t overlook story pins, use them to your brand’s advantage.

9. Add video pins to your visual content strategy preferably videos that offer tips and tutorials. It also wouldn’t hurt to add short video snippets of your YouTube videos and link it to your YouTube channel for viewers to view the entire video. Video snippets get viewers curious about viewing your videos and help drive traffic to your YouTube channel or website if you embed your YouTube videos within your blog posts.

10. Track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress on Pinterest by keeping an eye 👁on your analytics. Your analytics in Pinterest’s business hub shows impressions, the number of people who see your pins, the demographics of your audience, how many times your pin is saved, how many links clicks from the pin to your website, and your top-performing pins. Tracking your analytics is important to see which content and the accompanying pins are performing the best or worst. Your analytics also gives you an idea of how your content is performing overall on Pinterest. Analytics data also reveals what you’re doing right or wrong and adjustments that need to be made to your content strategy if necessary.

The 10-Step Pinterest Secret
Success Formula Infographic

Pinterest business marketing is made fun, easy with no overwhelm by consistently following this simple 10-step secret success formula. By doing your part at least 45 minutes to an hour each day to reach success on Pinterest you will find that Pinterest marketing is not as hard as it initially may look.

Do you have a Pinterest secret success formula of your own? Please share.

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A Pinterest Content Strategy: The 10 Step Pinterest Secret Success Formula Youtube Video

***Get proficient with pinning and stay up to date with Pinterest visual and marketing. View my ongoing lessons and tutorials on my YouTube Pin To Proficiency Playlist (formerly known as Pinning With Purpose Playlist). ***

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✅Weekly and monthly reports tracking your account progress.

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The 10-Step Pinterest
Secret Success Formula
7 Things To Do Each Day To Explode Your Page Views, Shares, Clicks and Views On Pinterest!
How To Set Up A Pinterest Content Strategy For Success

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