6 YouTube Growth Tips For Organic Growth

Subscribers, watch time, and click through rates are important goals YouTubers, new and seasoned consistently work towards to organically grow businesses on YouTube. This post will go over 6 YouTube Growth Tips For Organic growth on YouTube.

1. Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is a short video 1-3 minutes long introducing:

1. Who you are.

2. What you do ( your niche/ industry).

3. Who you are serving. The group of people who your content is for also known as your target audience.

4. What your channel is about. The industry and niche related topics you will cover on your channel.

Your channel trailer is another way besides sharing niche related valuable content to establish your brand and authority on YouTube.

2. Consistently Create and Release Niche Related Weekly Content

1. Create a simple YouTube content creation strategy.

2. Decide how often you want to commit to releasing new content. Once a week? Twice a week? Everyday?

3. Keep a notebook just for jotting down topic ideas.

4. Create simple content outlines for each topic outlining and organizing key talking points you want to discuss. If you prefer you can create notes jotting down your key talking points instead.

5. Set aside time to film the video, edit the video, create the video thumbnails, and schedule video for release.

I highly recommend content batching as a productive way to go through the content creation process. Read more here.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of driving quality and high traffic to a website, page or channel. SEO increases visibility and search-ability with targeted keywords and phrases within the high quality and quantity content.

1. YouTube videos should be tagged with relevant keywords. For example, a video titled, “12 ways to grow your following on LinkedIn” would use keywords and tags such as LinkedIn follower growth, LinkedIn marketing and grow LinkedIn following.

2. Your YouTube videos should include 2-3 paragraph descriptions describing what your video is about and include keywords and phrases within the description.

For example, a video description about “LinkedIn Marketing: 12 Ways To Increase Your Following on LinkedIn” should in keywords (tags) such as “LinkedIn marketing” and “LinkedIn follower growth” and phrases such as “12 ways to growing LinkedIn following.”

6 YouTube Channel Tips For Organic Growth Infographic

4. Analytics is the systematic analysis and measurement of data and statistics. On YouTube your analytics, data and stats reveal how many people are clicking on your videos and thumbnails (Click through rate), how long people are watching your videos (watch time) and subscriber count ( how many people subscribed to your channel) in the last 28-30 days.

Analytics are important to track weekly and monthly because you are given information about what is working and what is not working as far as the effectiveness of the content strategy for your channel (i.e., create more attractive thumbnails to increase click through rates) . Given your analytics reports you can change and tweak your strategy according to your weekly and or monthly results to improve your channel growth.

5. Social Media Promotion

1. Post , tweet it, pin it, gram it! YouTube does not have an Instagram share button, but you can create IG post in design tools such as Canva.

2. Share your content immediately upon publishing . Fresh new content gets an extra boosts from YouTube by recommending your video to subscribers and viewers.

3. Add hashtags to your videos. Hashtags give your video even more of an extra boost increasing search-ability and visibility. ( SEO Tip)

4. Create stories on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest to promote and share your videos’. You can also create stories on Twitter and LinkedIn but in a different way. I’ll discuss creating stories soon in a video.

5. Share your videos in Facebook support groups with other like-minded YouTubers. This helps increase subscriber count, click through rates, and watch time. Groups are searchable in the Facebook search bar. This strategy is how I grew my YouTube channel.

6. Engagement

1. Invite your social network to support your channel. If you have a good loyal following on social media they will most likely support you. Do not beg people to watch and subscribe to your channel. The best way to get people to your YouTube channel is to say something like, “If you’re interested in checking out my YouTube channel go to this link (place link here) and if you love the content feel free to hit the subscribe button.”

2. Spark engagement with each video by asking questions related to the video to jumpstart a conversation. Also invite subscribers and viewers to ask other questions and express their thoughts in the comments.

3. Support the channels of your fellow YouTubers. Engage and interact with other viewers and subscribers in the comments of videos.

This concludes 6 YouTube Channel Tips for Organic Growth. These tips should be followed daily, weekly and monthly to see steady growth on your channel.

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