7 Types of Visual Content You Can Use To Market Your Business (Mind Map)

Visual content marketing is the use of graphics, images and photos to educate your audience on a certain topic and or subject in visual form.

The power of the written word (e.g., blogging) alone has garnered success for many businesses. Along with the written word, the power of visual content for business adds more spice and pizzazz to the written word adding a visual to contextualize and visualize your message. Read more facts about The Power Of Visual Content Marketing.

I will briefly discuss 7 types of visual content you can use to enhance and capture the gaze of your audience and visitors. Then attract and command their attention to your message. They are as follows.

1. Charts and graphs-charts present data visually in the form of diagram, graphs and tables. Graphs present mathematical information by showing the relationship between two or more sets of data. Some examples of charts and graphs are bar graphs, pie charts, histograms and Cartesian graphs. In business, charts and graphs are used to visually communicate business analytics such as product or service popularity, number of sales in the past week or month, or the percentage of the marketplace a company has dominated with product sales. Read more about charts and graphs.

2. Screenshots-A screenshot is a photo taken on desktops and mobile devices of computer screen contents. In business screenshots are used to capture social proof of some type of results you have accomplished in your business. For example, receipts of product purchases to show your audience how your product is selling successfully. Screenshots can be also used to create step by step guides on how to do something. For example, I’ve taken screenshots for my blog post showing readers step by step about how to turn an Infographic into a Facebook or Instagram story.

3. Infographics-an Infographic is a another type of visual content that breaks down difficult information in simpler terms using graphics, images and photos and charts and graphics to help viewers and readers better understand and process information quickly. View some of mine and other Infographics on my Pinterest.

4. Memes-online memes are visuals that display a concept or idea shared between individuals on social media and could potentially go viral. Memes usually display a person, place or thing along with a funny caption. Memes are usually in the form of static (still) images or GIFs (moving images). In business, memes are used for building brand awareness and community support and maintaining brand relevancy. Memes are used to as a way to bring creativity and humor to marketing. Read more about business meme marketing from Social Media Examiner.

5. Animated GIFs– GIFs ( Graphical Interchange Formats) are graphical images and videos with out sound that move and doesn’t require the pressing of play button. In business, animated GIFs are great for creating how-to tutorials and guides. Learn to make animated gifs with GIF Maker.

6. Images and Photos-images and photos help to break the monotony of written content to add more context to your messages. For example, images within blog posts break the monotony of text and add visual context to enhance the message. I use my iPhone to take gorgeous self photos and create images for blogs, YouTube, and social media. You can use tools such as Canva and Adobe Spark.

7. ***BONUS*** Mind Map or Strategy Mind Map- mind maps or strategy mind maps are diagram used to organize information in a hierarchical and visual way. Mind maps show how parts of a single concept of the information hierarchy are related. Below is an example of a mind map. View another one of my mind map examples on Pinterest.

Whether for blogging or social media written content, visuals are highly recommended to incorporate within your content strategy helping your audience contextualize and process the message your conveying much faster!

Are you using visual content within your marketing strategy? If so, which ones?

For assistance with your visual content, let’s schedule a chat about how I can help you to increase your content visibility by implementing visual content within your content strategy here.

Visual Content Marketing Mind Map

Visual Content Marketing Mind Map

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