How To Write Your 60 Second Elevator Pitch [Infographic]

As a Boss Mompreneur you will often encounter people who will ask what you do once they find out that you’re an entrepreneur. When they ask, you should be able what to say what you do , who you do it for, and how you do it for them without pause in 60 seconds flat.

If you don’t have an elevator pitch the guide below shows you how to do so. Guess what? It doesn’t even take long to craft it together.

Once you have crafted your elevator pitch practice it so that you will be ready to tell people about the wonderful products and services you have to offer that solves problems and transforms lives!

How To Write A 60 Second Elevator Pitch Infographic

Example Elevator Pitch Template:

I help(insert you target demographic here) how to (insert what problem you are helping target demographic solve) on a ( insert solution to problem you’re helping target demographic solve).

Example 1. I show busy mompreneurs how to market their business with the power of video marketing without fear of failure.

Example 2. I help stay at home moms and women entrepreneurs grow businesses online via the power of content marketing on a hectic schedule with ease.

Do you have your elevator pitch put together? Let me see it in the comments below.

If you need assistance writing a powerful 60 second elevator pitch schedule a free 30-minute consultation today here.

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Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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