The Content Marketing 5-Step Strategy Process (w/Infographic)


The 5 Step Content Marketing Process Infographic
The Content Marketing 5-Step Process

The Content Marketing 5-Step Process is the act of designing a  strategic  plan to steer your brand’s content marketing efforts towards building brand awareness, building a highly engaged community and visibility through high value educational and interactive and actionable content.

Let’s take a look at the process in more detail shall we?

  1. Strategy

Who is your audience? Who are you talking to? Who is looking for you to help them solve a problem?

What problem are you solving?

When are you going to create and publish your content?

Where (platform) are you going to create and publish your content? YouTube? Facebook? WordPress?

Why are you creating and publishing content for this audience? To Educate? To Inspire? To Entertain?

How does your audience best receive your value? By videos? By blog posts? By guides and tutorials?

These questions will help you determine the right blueprint for a solid content marketing strategy.

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2. Syndicate

Now it’s time to cross share your content simultaneously  across social media platforms and online social and business educational discussion spaces. Start sharing immediately within the first 24 hours which is crucial. At that time, your content is fresh. Search Engines love fresh new content and will help give you a little boost.

Your audience is also being eagerly waiting to read or watch what new you have to say. You should know where your audience most likely hangout.  Are they on Instagram? Are they on Facebook? Are they on Pinterest? Are they on Twitter? Are they on Pinterest and Facebook? Are they on Instagram and Facebook? What times are they on social media? Morning? Noon? Afternoon? Evening? Night?

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3. Promote

Advance your customers and audiences’ understanding of how your products and services benefit them through education. Tell a tip or demonstrate either weekly or daily information of value about your product and services.

4. Engage

Your audiences’ feedback makes a world of difference whether positive or negative, yeah unfortunately we may get that to however feedback is vital to determining the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy. Does your content leave your audience with something like a useful tip or strategy ? Does your content make your audience think critically such how to view a topic from a different perspective or how to do something differently? Engaging your audience by performing market research, asking questions, answering questions and starting discussions around your content keeps your audience active and asking and looking forward to more of and from new points of view concerning what you have to say.

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5. Measure

Analytic tools are tools designed to help you track your progress and help you determine if you have reached a goal you have been working towards. Analytic tools also help you determine if there are any changes to be made to improve your strategy. Is your goal to get more engagement? Is your goal to get more visibility? More shares? Free analytic tools and reports such as Facebook’s built in analytics for business and brand pages shows you measurements such as organic, paid reach, engagement and shares for a certain period of time. All social media platforms Instagram,Twitter,Pinterest and Tumblr all have free built in analytics.


6. Analyze– Study the results of your strategy? Do you feel your strategy was a success? Was it a failure? What can you do to make your strategy even better the next time.

7. Adjust– After measuring and analyzing your data adjust your strategy depending upon whether or not you have met your marketing goals. Do you need to adjust your social media scheduling time? Do you need to adjust part of your content creation and marketing strategy or all of it?

7 Step Content Strategy Checklist

What does your content marketing process include? Tell me below in the comments. Like, share and follow me.

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Be well!

Content Marketing 5-Step Strategy Process

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