The 7 Pillars of Content Creation: The Basic Steps To Becoming A Boss Mamma Content Creator & Marketer

7 Pillars of Content Creation Infographic

Do you want to become a Boss Mamma Content Creator & Marketer? Do you have what it takes? Let’s take a look at The 7 Pillars of Content Creation, the elements that supports the makings of content creation, curation, strategy and marketing. I will also discuss the characteristics, tools, and skills needed to become the Queen of content creation, strategy, and marketing to build a powerfully attractive brand presence online.

The 7 Pillars of Content Creation  and the role each play in the ability to create great content are as follows:

  1. Reading increases your knowledge span, improves your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Reading is your brain’s way of exercising your brain to help you strengthen and get better at thinking critically and problem solving.
  2. Research helps you to locate your target demographic and understand what content, products and services best serves their interests and needs by collecting data such as asking questions, creating polls based on what they communicate to you about how they want you to serve them.
  3. Creativity helps you to create topics and content to help your audience improve their critical thinking skills  and creatively find ways to help you solve your audiences’ problems. You will also be able to create a resonating brand story, a unique brand message  and content tailored to speak uniquely to your audience.
  4. Content Creation Process after reading, researching and creating topics and solutions to help solve problems, package the information into a blog post, video or podcast. Curate, edit, publish and syndicate content across social media platforms.
  5. Content Management System & Content Mediums are the tools used to create, edit, publish, distribute and manage content. For example, WordPress for blogging.
  6. Content Strategy and Marketing are detailed content creation and marketing plan to create and promote content successfully. This also entails strategically creating brand messaging that emotionally connects you to your audience.
  7. Content Branding & Messaging Strategy is the language, words, phrasing and story that are used in the marketing and promotion of your content, products and services that reflects brand values and speaks in a way to connect with customers from an emotional standpoint and build brand awareness and  loyalty.


The 7 Ways To Become A Content Creation, Strategy and Marketing Powerhouse is as follows:

  1. Become an avid reader

There is a connection between reading and content creation. What is it? Reading strengthens your ability to create and generate more interesting topic ideas and produce more insanely creative and interesting content itself that either educates, inspire or entertain your audience and maintain their interest. Start setting aside time at least 30 minutes per day to read, preferably a book that covers topics that are of interest to you, for example topics related to your niche/industry. Read more on How To Become An Avid Reader .

2. Become a good researcher

Research is very necessary in locating your ideal audience, client and customer and finding their points of pain. Research your audience by talking to them and getting detailed descriptions on what exactly the problem is that they are struggling to overcome. Another way to conduct audience research is to simply go to online and “digitally eavesdrop” within discussion forums such a Reddit, Quora and StumbleUpon. Search for topics of discussion in your niche that are the focus of how to overcome some type of pain.

For example, if you are a business branding coach you would find topics surrounding branding issues that are a pain to some such as how to brand your business or how to properly brand yourself or your blog.

Lastly, two other popular ways of finding audience pain points is to poll your audience and ask questions. After you have researched your audience you will then use your data to create problem solving content just for them.

Get inspiration for content topic ideas by performing content research by simply using buzzumo. Buzzumo is a tool to help content creators and marketers search for the best, most popular and trending topics in their industry and also spy on topics your competitors are talking about. Pinterest is another tool to help get inspiration about what niche and industry related content topics are popular in one’s industry niche.

3. Exercise your creativity

As an avid reader I can testify as to how reading has helped me to never run out of topics to talk about, create attention grabbing headlines, create unique branded content and messaging, and create original courses and programs for stay at home moms and women entrepreneurs inside of the Virtu Works Fore U brand. To be creative requires that you be imaginative and reading helps you become more imaginative because of to the stimulation and exercise that our brain benefits from reading.

According to Literacy Works, “Reading broadens our imagination by stimulating the right side of our brain. It literally opens our minds to new possibilities and new ideas helping us experience and analyze the world through others’ lives.”

Therefore, as it pertains to creativity and problem solving content, avid reading and acquiring knowledge stimulates and exercises the brain which helps us to discover new and unique ideas and new creative ways to solve problems. Read more about reading and creativity here.

Reading also helps you improve your vocabulary skills and increases your ability to combine words to form new and unique words, phrases, slogans and tag lines. Read more about the benefits of reading here

4. Choose a good content management system or content medium that is most suitable to get your message out.

Decide what tool you feel is best to get you message out there. Would you like to get your message out to your audience via blogging? Via YouTube? Live video?

You should also consider what is the popular and preferred way that your audience prefers to receive your messages. Do they prefer reading via a blog or newsletter? Do they prefer live videos? YouTube or Facebook?


5. Become good and consistent at the content creation strategy process

Each week whether it’s once, twice, thrice or more you should have a consistent and might I add simple content creation strategy that you follow religiously to ensure that you are delivering a continuous flow of value to your audience weekly.

For example, Sunday evening you should create your content outline in which you outline your content by selecting your topic, outline your main talking points, and your specific call to action. Next, on Monday you will record or broadcast live your video at a specific time of your choosing.

Lastly, on Tuesday you set aside time to edit, create your Thumbnail, hit publish and syndicate.

Don’t worry about being perfect because as the quote states in the graphic above you will basically suck at a new skill before you master the skill. Continuously seeking ways and practicing to improve your content creation strategy will pay off in the long run. Read How To Create Content With Purpose.


6. Become good at content marketing strategy

It’s obvious that the next step after the content creation strategy process is to market your content on your social media platforms. Here’s some content marketing on social media tips as follows.

1. You should have at least one social media platform that you are focusing towards mastering. Are you or were you able to locate your audience there? If you’re not getting any feedback from your content you’re probably on the wrong platform and consider changing immediately.

For example, if you are a blogger and your audience is moms, Pinterest will be a better fit for you. If you are a beauty product influencer, Instagram would be a better fit for you.

2. You should know your audience pain points and where they hang out. Questions to ask: What are your audiences’ struggles? Where do they hangout? For example, if you are a mommy blogger teaching struggling beginner mommy bloggers how to master WordPress blogging, you should be on Pinterest.

3. Do your audience prefer you showing (e.g.,tutorials and guides) or telling ( e.g., explaining )

4. At what days and times your audience are most likely to show up to view your content?

These are factors to consider when planning your strategy.

7. Become good at communicating your brand story and message

What is your brand story? What is your mission? Who do you serve? Why do you serve them? What makes you unique? Why should your customers seek help from you rather than your competition?

Your brand messaging should align with your brand’s mission as to how and why you serve your customers who are your target demographic. Discuss the ways in which your brand uniquely services your customers and how you stand out from your competition. All of this should be included in your brand story, which you discuss how your brand was “born” i.e. came into existence.

In addition, brand storytelling and messaging should be crafted in a way that connects you and audience through your branded content, your own original content in your own words and voice that is of help to your audience overcome challenges they face.

Read 25 Most Commonly Asked Content Marketing Q & As You Need To Know About 




Critical thinking skills is a bonus skill to becoming a Boss Mamma Content Creator & Marketer. Critical thinking is defined as the logical, reasonable thinking and analyzation and evaluation of strengthening and improving the thought process. Good critical thinking skills must be developed and nurtured over time. Critical thinking skills requires reflecting on what you’ve learned, how to effectively reason and rationalize, being open minded, being able to draw your own conclusions and ideas based on what you’ve learned. Critical thinking is key to producing high value creative problem solving content for your audience.

This concludes the 7 pillars of content creation and how you can become a boss mamma at content creation, strategy, and marketing?

Do you have what it takes to become a content creation, strategy, and marketing powerhouse?

Schedule a 30-Minute discovery call here for help with your business content marketing, creative design and other services.

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

Be blessed!


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