How To Avoid Content Overload and Overwhelm

Have you ever found yourself experiencing content overload and overwhelm? If that is a yes, I certainly have experienced it myself. I was once there too. It was soooo confusing and overwhelming. Everyday I was surfing the Internet like a blind bat looking for the golden grail of content for business success strategies. With so much valuable information out there in cyberspace and with so many ways to go about growing your online business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the noise.

We have many experienced online home based entrepreneurs in every niche or industry whom have a plethora of valuable content offering information you could use to grow a successful profitable business. There’s content about how to leverage blogging to grow your business, how to leverage YouTube to grow your business, how to generate targeted leads to your business opportunities, how to get sales with or without an audience, how to get traffic to your website without spending a dime and so much more.

How To Avoid Content Overload & OverwhelmHow To Avoid Content Overload & Overwhelm

Whew! So much to learn and process isn’t. This can all become overwhelming for you if you’re new and don’t know which direction you should choose.

So I am going to shoot you 3 quick tips to help you go from content overload and overwhelm to create a solid content strategy. They are as follows:

  1. STOP listening to everyone and block out the noise- attempting to listening to the 50 million coaches, mentors, gurus, and experts will have you running in every direction. You’ll be subbing to every YouTube channel, buying every course, downloading every freebie, trying to implement 65 million strategies and tips you are told to. ANYTHING, JUST ANYTHING that sounds great to get some type of result or solve your business problem. This is called shiny object syndrome and it’s easy to catch if you’re not careful. If one thing doesn’t work out this week you’re on to the next. This is called shiny object syndrome. Shiny object syndrome will pull you in all directions and you’ll ultimately find yourself going nowhere. Which leads me to tip number 2.
  2. Pick 3 ( at minimum) coaches and mentors in your niche that you resonate with, relate to and whose content you find to be insightful, useful, and helpful to you. Follow them across social media and to become a member of their free communities. Join a low cost or high ticket coaching or mentoring programs so that you can learn new skills and strategies from them ONLY. This will help you to avoid attempting to listen to 47 million other online coaches, mentors and experts.
  3. Pick a content strategy and stick with it and be consistent with it. For example, if you decide to leverage blogging to build your brand then create a weekly or monthly blogging content strategy and marketing plan. For example, if you commit to creating and publishing a blog post weekly then decide the content creation process that you will implement to stay dedicated and consistent. For example, Sunday Brainstorm, Monday drafting, Tuesday editing and proofreading, Friday publishing and Saturday and beyond marketing and promotion. Be sure to be consistent with your commitment which to create and publish your blog post weekly or monthly.

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It’s both exciting and fun to add new information to you knowledge base. It can also be over-loading and overwhelming if you try to learn and process too much information from many people all at once.

If you follow the 3 simple tips I have provided above you can began to go from content overload and overwhelm drowning out the noise and create a one way direction solid content creation and marketing strategy to work toward achieving the results you want.

How do you avoid content overload and overwhelm? Drop me a comment and get the conversation going.

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Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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