25 Most Commonly Asked Content Marketing Q & As You Need To Know About



Got questions about what content marketing is and how it works?  Ask ya, girl, Rhonda I’ve got the answers for you.

I’ve compiled a list of 25 of the most commonly asked questions about content marketing with answers. These questions and answers give you an overview of what content marketing is and how it works for you the entrepreneur, business owner, and boss mom.

  1. What is content marketing? a type of marketing in which content is created for, curated for, distributed to, shared and designed to attract a specific audience based on value-based educational content that solves said audiences’ specific problems, issues, challenges and pain points. Read the relationship between content marketing & attraction marketing.
  2. What is the purpose of content marketing in entrepreneurship and business? to create content with the purpose of building a loyal audience and community and solve problems with the goal of building a strong brand and generate profits from valuable educational content that offers a result or transformation in customers’ life or business
  3. What are the benefits of content marketing in entrepreneurship and business? Create valuable information based on the needs of your target customer about your products and services with the goal to help solve customers’ problems.
  4. How does content marketing build communities? 1. Communities are formed by industry leaders and brands to connect with their specific demographic on a more personal level. Any brand worth its salt knows that brand trust is gained by building the like-know-trust relationship with their audience thus forming a community of loyal followers and fans. The goal of industry/community leaders is to help their demographic find and answer questions and solve problems. 2. People join communities to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. How is that done? Through the creation of and sharing of useful information provided by community leaders. Community members are also encouraged to participate by sharing useful content that is of use to other community members.

 Read about content marketing and building customer-brand relationships and communities 

5. What is the content creation process? the process of creating content, free or paid for both public and private consumption, written or visual to help solve some type of problem. Read about the content creation process

6. What is content curation? the process of researching and gathering information that is relevant to a specific subject or topic.

7. What are some ways I can create content? Blogging, email marketing, newsletters, e-books, instructional guides, SlideShare and Powerpoint presentations, live videos, and podcasts. See the 20 Forms of Content Marketing To Grow Your Brand

8. What are content creation tools? What are some examples? Tools that help content creators create content simpler and quicker. One example of a content creation tool is CMS (Content Management Systems) such blog creation platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace.

9. What is content repurposing? taking old and archival content to create new content (e.g., blog post to live video or live video to blog post). Read more about content repurposing

10. What is content batching? setting aside a certain amount of time such as a day or a couple of hours to create a huge amount of content.  Read more about content batching.

11. What are some ways to repurpose content? for example from blog posts to live videos, from live videos to blog posts, from blog posts to social media posts. For more read 10 Ways To Repurpose Your Content Infographic.

12. Who should I be creating content for? create content for the group of people who you would like to serve, your target demographic. Find out what are their problems, issues, pain points and challenges. For more read How To Create Branded Content That WOWs Your Audience

13. What is a target demographic? (Also called target market or niche demographic) The group of people who will benefit and find a need in your products and services; the group that will most likely buy from you.

14. How do I get my content in front of the right audience? Free methods: (SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is using the right keywords related to your content to rank in search engines, posting to social media with the right hashtags (specifically on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter) and hang out where your target demographic hangout, for example, Stay at home mompreneurs and entrepreneurs  are my target audience so I hang out in groups on Facebook and group boards on Pinterest where these two groups hangout and share useful information. Paid methods: (Ads, such as Facebook and Solo Ads and paid promotion).

15. What is branded (niche-specific) content? Niche-specific content related to your brand (your business) created help your specific audience with finding solutions for their specific problem. For example, if you are a highly experienced virtual assistant you will create branded content providing information for new virtual assistants or virtual service providers about the skills and expertise needed to be a virtual assistant and how to become a highly sought after a virtual assistant. Read more about how to create branded content.

16. What skills and characteristics make a great content marketer? good marketing skills, good content creation skills, creativity and imagination, and good copywriting skills. All of this takes practice to become a master.

17. How often should I create content? It varies from person to person. Ask yourself how often can YOU create content on a regular and consistent basis. Is once per day best for you? Is once per week best for you? Bi-Weekly? Once per month? Read more about how often you should create and promote your content.

18. How often should I promote my content? You should spend 3X as much time promoting your content than you did creating your content. It’s best to promote your content daily on at least 2 platforms.

19. How should I create content? Do you prefer blogging, do you prefer live streaming, or do you prefer podcasting? It varies from person to person and comes down to what is quickest and easiest for you. For me personally, I find live streaming to be the easiest and quickest way to create content.

20. What social media platforms are best for my personal content marketing strategy? The platforms that your target audience is most likely to be present. For example, my audience of stay-at-home mompreneurs is VERY present on Pinterest. For marketers, Facebook is saturated with both new and established marketers.

21. What are the 5Ws and H Questions of content marketing?

1. Who are you serving? Who is your audience?

2. What problem are you helping them solve?

3. When will you deliver your content? Daily? Weekly? Bi-Weekly?

4. Where will you deliver your content to your audience? Notifications? Email marketing? Social Media? Where (online or offline) is your target audience located? The best platforms to post and share your content?

5. Why are you creating content? What purpose does your content serve to your audience?

6. How will you deliver (the tools you will use) your content? YouTube? Blogging? Facebook Live? Periscope? Podcast?

Read more about the 5Ws (and H) Questions of Content Marketing.

22. How do I become a content marketer? began to learn to master the following: creating great valuable content, basic to advance marketing skills, copyrighting skills and enhance your creativity.

23. How do I protect my content? This is something that I see many content creators often overlook. Posting original unique content on the open internet can leave your intellectual property most vulnerable to plagiarism and theft. I’ve seen this leave some content creators at odds with one another when accusations arise of allegedly stolen content (in some cases it is proven with receipts aka evidence)  without given credit. How can you prevent plagiarism and theft of your content? My most commonly used tool is Copyscape, a tool that helps you to check for plagiarism and any possible threats of content theft. I also brand my graphics and ask for recognition of my work.

24. What is attraction marketing? a type of marketing in which a specific targeted audience is attracted to valuable educational based content being presented by the person doing the targeting bringing their intellectual value to the market place to help said specific audience to solve problems, issues, pain points and challenges.

25. How is attraction marketing related to content marketing? Combined attraction and content marketing work together by first attracting prospects then converting those prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable and educational content based on solving their specific problems and or issues. Read more about the relationship between content and attraction marketing

25 Content Marketing Q &As Infographic


Do you have any questions about content marketing? Drop them below, I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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