How To Write A Very Welcoming Welcome Email (With Video)

New to email marketing? Don’t stress if you don’t know the first thing about writing emails much less how to write a welcoming email. The template below broken down by what goes into the introduction, body, and conclusion is to show you how to write an email to welcome new subscribers to your brand family once they opt-in or join your list by clicking a link in order to join your email list. In this post, you will learn the basics of writing a welcome email that begins the process of establishing a genuine connection and a trusting relationship with new subscribers.


The Introduction (Greet new subscribers like a pro)

  1.  Subject Line

Write a subject line that will capture the attention or curiosity of your audience. Examples: 1. Welcome To (Insert your brand’s name) Family! 2. Welcome, to the fam! 3. Welcome to our community!

2. Use professionally personalized greetings with subscribers’  first names afterward.


  • Hi, (insert subscribers’ first names).
  • Dear, (insert subscribers’ first names).
  • Good day/Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening, (insert subscribers’ first names).

The Body

  1.  Give your new subscribers some background of yourself
  • A little educational background
  • A little non-educational background (e.g., I am a wife and the mother of 2 wonderful children; a girl and a boy).
  • Expertise and skills.
  • Hobbies and fun facts about you (e.g., I love to sew in my spare time and travel the globe).

2. Give subscribers a little background about your brand.

  • What you do? (Your industry and niche market).
  • Why you do it? (Your purpose for why you do what you do; what inspires you to do what you do).
  • Who you serve? ( Your target market; the group of people you help (e.g., I help online entrepreneurs grow network marketing businesses on Facebook).

The Conclusion (Close Out Like A Pro) 

  1. The Call To Action

is the act on instructing your audience on what to do next.


  • Grab my free eye makeup tutorial
  • Sign up for my free Wednesday night Instagram for Newbies webinar
  • Grab my time management for Boss Mamma CEOs e-book.
  • Click the link to purchase e-mail marketing for the novice marketer templates.

2. Write a professionally personalized closing.  End your welcome email as professional and personalized as you’ve begun.

***PRO TIP*** Give away a valuable freebie

  • Ebook
  • Worksheet
  • Workbook
  • Information Sheet
  • Template
  • A List of Something (e.g. “The Ultimate FREE List of  Business Tools for the Busy Entrepreneur).


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  • Sincerely, (insert your name).
  • Thank you, (insert your name).
  • Best wishes, (insert your name).
  • Have a wonderful day/afternoon/evening/have a happy rest of your day, (insert your name).

***PRO TIP ****

Don’t forget to proofread and edit (if necessary) your email before hitting the publish button. Read it out loud and you can also have someone else such as a friend read it over for you. If you are not sure how to spell words or the definition of your words DO use a physical hand dictionary or Google words and their definitions. Google is just a fingertip and a tab away.

Welcome Email Infographic

CHECK THIS OUT****Along with studying this template, watch the accompanying video here to learn more. *****

This wraps up the template on how to write a welcoming welcome email to your new subscribers so that you are able to connect and begin new relationships with the power of email marketing on the right track.

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