How To Create A Catchy & Unique Business Name And Slogan (3 Tips)

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How To Create A Unique and Catchy Business Name And Slogan Infographic

Choosing a business name that stands out requires getting creative and playing with words. You want to create a business name and tagline that describes your industry and niche, your business’ mission and helps your business stand out from the rest. Here’s three tips below.

  1. Create a business name that is unique and catchy and is congruent with your business industry and niche. 

Create a name that describes your business and it’s mission. Create a name that  will inspire curiosity in people to want to know more about your business. For example, my business name Virtu Works Fore U describes my virtual service provider business, specifically Virtu Works which describes my work in providing businesses with virtual services. I included my last name as a play on the word ‘for’ which is pronounced the same way as the term ‘for.’ My name was chosen because it is congruent with my business niche.

2.  Create a business slogan that is unique and catchy and describes the community you serve. 

Create a unique and catchy business slogan that describes the community your business serves in five words or less. My slogan “I’m Virtually Here Fore U” describes that I, Rhonda Fore is virtually present to serve my audiences. My second slogan (my elevator pitch) is ” I help stay at home moms and entrepreneurs build businesses online via attraction marketing and content marketing.” This slogan sums up who I help and what I’m helping them with in one sentence. Slogans should be at least 7 words or less and elevator pitches should be at least 17 words or less.

3. How To Get Inspiration & Generate Ideas For A Business Name & Slogan

Brainstorming and creating catchy and unique business names and slogan all boils down to two things: creativity and playing with words. Take into consideration these 4 things when you create your business name and slogan.

  1. Your industry.
  2. Your niche.
  3. Your niche demographic.
  4. What problem does your product and service solve .

Here’s an example of how I created my business name and slogan.

  1. My business name: Virtu Works Fore U. The term “Virtu” is short for Virtual, the term “Works” describes what I do in virtual services. In addition,  Virtu Works together describes what industry and niche I work in which is virtual services. My last name Fore is pronounced like the term “for” which is a good description of Rhonda Fore virtually working for  “U” as in the word “you” the stay at home mom and entrepreneur.
  2. My industry: Virtual Service Provider.
  3. My niche: virtual support services.
  4. My niche demographic: stay at home moms and entrepreneurs.
  5. I offer virtual services that help stay at home moms and entrepreneurs move from less busy-ness to business.

What is your business name and slogan? Share how you generated your business name and slogan.

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Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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