The 7 Deadly Sins Of Content Marketing And What You Can Do To Avoid Committing These Sins

I need a confession from you if you are committing these 7 deadly sins that could spell death for your business content marketing strategy. If you are committing any or all of these sins, you can repent now and not be damned to eternal content marketing hell, I repeat you can repent NOW to avoid being damned to content marketing hell. You do have a second chance of resurrecting your content marketing strategy if you ACT NOW!

Real Talk! Are you guilty of committing any of these 7 deadly content marketing sins? Is your current content marketing strategy….dead? If so let’s discuss what they are and the simple actions you can do NOW to avoid or either correct them to resurrect your content marketing strategy from the dead.

Deadly Sin 1. Your content is not niche specific.

Have you decided what your niche is yet? If not, you’re starting on the path to creating content marketing hell for yourself. This is the very first thing you should get clear about.

1 a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin.

Start by thinking about what you like doing and what you are good at doing.

For example, let’s say you are in the food industry and you love to cook. You specifically like preparing and baking baked goods, such as cakes for occasions such as birthdays or weddings. You are really good at baking too. You then decide that you want to build a cake bakery business in which you bake cakes for all occasions.

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Deadly Sin 2. Your content is not compelling and interesting.

Your headlines, introduction, body, and conclusion are not giving readers the incentive to click on your content to read until the end and be compelled to take action.

Your content does not peak readers’ interest. It is dull and monotonous. It makes the reader feel as if they’re in a boring high school or college class lecture where they (the reader) lose interest quickly and stop reading (or start nodding off to sleep) and you certainly don’t want that.

2a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin. 

Start by creating better headlines that evoke readers interests and would be so irresistible that they cannot help but click to read more. Next, begin your introduction by telling a short story or asking a question that relates to your topic. Questions and stories help your readers have a more interactive experience as if they were talking face to face with you; stories and questions help to spark good engagement. Then, in the body cover your key points stating the problems and offering solutions. Lastly, in the conclusion summarize your key points and call your audience to action; ask a question, giveaway a freebie or offer a sale of your service or products.

PRO TIP: Conversate with your audience as you would while talking on the phone or face to face with a friend. Be friendly, relatable, and you could use a little humor.

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Deadly Sin 3. Your content is not helpful

Your content is of low to no value. You’re not pinpointing problems the readers are struggling with nor is it offering solutions to solve those problems.

3a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin

Find out what your audience wants to know more about by asking questions. For example, a baker would ask a question such as “What would you like to know about opening a cake bakery?” to an audience of aspiring bakery business entrepreneurs. Another way to find out what your audience wants and needs to know is to join and engage in your industry related social media (preferably Facebook) groups and blogs with your target group. There you will find people in your industry discussing various problems they are having in their personal and professional lives and looking for solutions. Engage and share some solutions that have worked for you. These two activities will give you a good amount of content creation ideas for your audience.

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Deadly Sin 4. Your content does not address the proper audience.

Are you clear on your target demographic, the group of people your products or services would be the most useful to? Or are you speaking to everyone, fearing you will miss out on a sign-up or a sale?  Everyone is not going to find your products or services a good fit for them, so it’s best you know your target audience, the people whom you want to serve and will benefit the most from what you have to offer.

4a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin.

Think about the group of people your products or services are for. Then, hang out where they hang out, engage, ask questions and find out what they are struggling to overcome; then create content offering solutions.

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Deadly Sin 5. You’re not creating content consistently.

A wise person once said, ” Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do consistently.” That goes for producing and marketing content as well. You’re not going to find success in content marketing if you’re producing and marketing your content occasionally, like for example maybe every other week when you feel like it.

5a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin.

Woody Allen said, “80% of success is showing up.” Now you don’t have to create content every day, but you do need to create content regularly because your audience will be looking for you to show up regularly if not then they could lose interest and you lose them as followers and subscribers. Therefore, you have to show up regularly and that is what will determine your success.

Decide what media you will use to create content, such as video or blogging. Then commit to a strict content creation schedule, for example, you may commit to creating content via blogging once per week or you may decide to create video content twice per week.

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Deadly Sin 6: You’re not updating your content.

One thing that you do not want to let happen is for your content to expire, become irrelevant and out of date.

6a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin.

Just like computer software, electronics and other items that require periodical updates, our content will need updating periodical basis too. Learning never stops so as you grow in your niche you will learn new information. You have to do periodical updates your knowledge base. You’re most likely to learn this new information through free or paid personal business coaching, courses and training webinars. You will then add what you have studied and learned into your content library. You also may have to edit or delete old information that is no longer relevant. For example, if you already have a course on how to market your business on Instagram you may find that you will be adding more modules (parts of the course) to the course as you learn new information. Updating content is important to you and your audience because it is your responsibility to your audience to keep them up to date with the latest information, changes, trends, and news within your industry.

Deadly Sin 7: You’re not sharing and promoting your content.

Well now if you’re not sharing and promoting your content, how are you’re supposed to reach the demographic you are serving?

7a. What you can do to avoid committing this sin.

After you have created a strict content creation schedule that works for you, you need to determine what days and times your audience are the most active on social media.  Social media schedulers such as crowdfire, buffer, Hootsuite, planoly, tailwindapp, meetedgar, social oomphand loomly are all some schedulers that will help you set the right day and time for your content to post. Also, remember to cross promote your content onto at least three platforms.

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After reviewing this list, now is the time to correct your content marketing strategy if you are making any of these fatal mistakes that are deadly to your content marketing success. Once you correct and makeover your content marketing strategy, then you will be well on your way to bringing you content marketing strategy back alive for content marketing success.

Are you committing any of these deadly mistakes? If so, what are you doing to correct them?

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