How To Produce Attention Grabbing Click Worthy Headlines (A LIST OF EXAMPLES)

If nobody’s clicking to read and share your content, could it be that your headlines are B-O-R-I-N-G! Headlines are a determining factor as to whether your content will get attention, whether your content links get clicked and read. If you want that to happen, you surely don’t want boring, dull headlines. Do you?

Headlines should give visitors an incentive to read. Your headline should insinuate that your audience will read about solving a problem, a major transformation is on the way, quick fixes to problems, curiosity, hard facts and statistics and drama and controversy.

So if you’re having trouble generating attention grabbing click worthy headlines you won’t have trouble much longer because I created a list of six types of headlines with an example template (below) to grab the readers attention at first glance.

Let’s Problem Solve

Headlines that draw people promising to fix those ol’ nagging, persistent problem.

  1. How to fix your ___________problems today!
  2.  How to get rid of______________.
  3.  Got ______________problems? Here’s how you can fix it for good.
  4.  The best solution for ___________.
  5. Does your ____________strategy suck? Here’s how to you can fix it Now!

The Major Transformation

Headlines promising major transformation and or breakthroughs will entice readers to find out what can be done differently to get the result they desire.

  1. How To Quadruple Your________________following in 30 days.
  2. (Number) Tips To __________Your ________________like a pro.
  3. How To Create ______________the Perfect __________________.
  4. (Number) of Ways To Grow Your ______________________
  5. Need __________________? You can, starting NOW!

I Need A Quick Fix

Headlines promising quick and easy solutions to  fix an issue quickly if you’re pressed for time.

  1. Quick and ________Ways To Get_______________.
  2. (Number) Hacks for ___________________effortless________________.
  3. Try these shortcuts to get more________________without all the busy work.
  4. (Number) of ______________________that will make your _____________ easier.
  5. (Number) Quick fixes to_________________________.

I’m Curious About………….

“Humans are curious by nature-” Aristotle

Headlines that peak people’s curiosity. They’ll be curious to find out more about what you have to talk about.

  1. (Number) Things Your __________Don’t Want You To Know About.
  2. My Secrets To ___________ and__________.
  3. Discover (Number) of Ways You Can Get___________________.
  4. (Number) Major____________Myths That You Believe About ___________Dispelled!
  5. The Truth About______________Revealed!

Facts & Statistics

Headlines that promise your audience that sites information substantiated by science.

  1.  (Number) Facts You Didn’t Know About ___________________.
  2. The Science of___________________________________.
  3. (Number) Proven Ways To Get_______________________________.
  4. Amazing Facts & Statistics About________________________________________.
  5. Proof that ___________works with________.

Bring On The Drama & Controversy

Be honest now, we all love a little drama sometimes.  These are headlines that spark controversy and drama.

  1. ______________ industry secrets that’s kept hidden from you.
  2. (Number) Shocking_____________You Wouldn’t Believe.
  3. Is Your _______________________Overcharging You?
  4. (Number) Secret confessions of a____________________________.
  5. What Your_______________________Never Told You.

There you have some examples of headlines that will command the attention and interests of your readers. So if you’re not great with generating headlines, practice getting great with headlines by taking action today by studying the samples above and applying them to your content……starting NOW.

Are your headlines attention grabbing and click worthy?

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Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

Happy Content Headline Creation!

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