How To Create Branded Content That WOWs Your Audience!

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As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re utilizing our gifts and talents to help people also find their gifts and talents and make money in the process. While in the beginning stages of our business many of us will go through an “I just wanna help everyone phase” we soon find out in time that we can’t do everything and help everyone.

There’s a wide variety of broad markets and their subset markets in every industry and you will begin to see why it would be impossible to try to help everyone much less create content in every subject matter that speaks to every demographic.

So what is branded content? Branded content is defined as content produced by brands that build brand awareness by content creation and marketing. Branded content reflects brand values and serves the needs of the brands’ demographic.

So with that said, I’m going to take a few minutes of your time to discuss how to begin creating branded content that speaks WOWs your audience.

I will be using Rosa (who is a popular seamstress in my neighborhood and is my mom)  as an example to explain three important things to get clear on to create branded content that WOWs your audience.

  1. Niche Down To Your Specialty- Think about what you are passionate about (what you love to do) and what your skills and talents are your specialties. For example, Rosa is a skilled seamstress who is very passionate about and have a great love for sewing, especially sewing children’s clothing which is her area of specialty. So if Rosa starts a platform about sewing (which is a broad market) she can niche her platform down to just about creating (sewing) children’s clothing (a specialized subset of sewing) instead of sewing in general. She can even niche down further by branding her platform around sewing children’s clothing between the ages of 2 to 5.
  2. Know Your Niche Demographic-This is the next important information you need to know because without knowing your people (your targeted demographic) you cannot create the specific type of content that speaks to their specific problems and help them find the solutions to those problems. Remember, you have to make it clear who you are talking to because you cannot create content that speaks to everyone otherwise you will only confuse people. In Rosa’s case, her target demographic is a young stay at home moms of small children ages 2 to 5 who want to learn how to sew children’s clothing on a budget. With this information, Rosa will be able to create branded content related to staying at home moms learning to sew clothing for their children in the age range of 2 -5.
  3. Know Your Niche Demographics’ Wants And Needs-Lastly, after you have identified the demographic you want to serve, find out what they need and want; the products and services that will help them solve their issues. You can do this by simply asking questions and conducting surveys or polls. For example, Rosa could ask her targeted demographic questions such as “What would you like to learn about sewing children’s clothing?” or “What are your biggest challenges with sewing clothes for small children?” Questions such as the former and the latter will help Rosa to produce content that will specifically pinpoint and address what her audience, young stay at home moms of small children ages 2 to 5 who want to learn how to sew children’s clothing on a budget, learn how to solve issues, challenges, and problems with sewing.

Read about finding your niche here.

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WOW-ing The Audience With Branded Content

Now that you have identified your niche, niche demographic and niche demographic needs and wants (as in the example of Rosa above) you are now to prepared WOW-ing branded content for your audience. WOW, your audience with content that is:

  1.  Relevant to your industry and to your audiences’ needs. Find out what your audience wants to know and what they need to know about how your products and services resolve a business or personal issue.
  2. Attractive with attention-grabbing titles that grab readers’ attention and chock full of value that keeps their attention throughout the entire post. For example, A.) The Introduction-Warm, friendly welcome. Ask your audience a question or tell a story that relates to the topic and your audience; telling a story or asking questions helps you foster a connection with your audience more. B.) The Body-tell about yourself, such as who you are, your background, and who you serve and how you serve them, and C.) The Conclusion-call your audience to action. Ask them to answer a question, grab a freebie, purchase a product, or sign up to your list.
  3. Creates excitement, curiosity and peak their interest to read more and to discover facts, secrets and other information that is little known or not known at all. For example, what are some little-known facts about your industry? What are some amazing facts about your industry? 
  4. Solves A Problem that your audience is struggling to overcome. Your content should focus on the problems, causes, and sharing tips, suggestions on how your audience can solve them.

Read more about creating content that WOWs your audience about how to create content with a purpose, how to write an excellent blog post, and how to create attention-grabbing headlines.

Branding your content is of the utmost importance if you want to reach, relate to and impact your audience. Content brings people together forming communities based on shared interests and goals. The content you present to your audience has to have the WOW factor and has to leave your audience thinking ” yes, she’s speaking my language!” or “she’s telling my story!” if you are to be successful with any content related marketing.

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