Master The Art Of Content Batching:What Is It, How It Works, and How Does It Increases Productivity.

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Do you think that you are spending too much time creating content when you have other important tasks in your business? Do you get started on creating a piece of content ONLY to leave it unfinished in the drafts? The pressure of creating content everyday and every week is just becoming too much for your already busy schedule? Remember content creation and marketing is VERY IMPORTANT for today’s online businesses, but if you are feeling stuck in overwhelm when it comes to content creation and you don’t have a clear content creation strategy,  then say hello to learning  the art of content batching. I know you maybe thinking that this sounds even more overwhelming, but it’s not, trust me because you don’t have all day, every day to sit at the computer creating content. Let’s discuss what is content batching, how it works and how it increases productivity.


Content batching is a task which you take a set amount of time, for example, a day or a couple of hours dedicated to creating a large bulk of content at one time.


For  example let’s say your  primary content creation method is creating YouTube videos twice per week (2 videos per week). Instead of creating 2 each week, you will save time by setting aside Mondays for a couple of hours (ex. 5 hours) and spend time coming up with topics, creating your outlines, researching and shooting your  8  (2 for each week) videos in that 5 hour time frame. You can  spend one hour completing each task as follows:

  1. Hour 1: Get an old fashioned pen and a notebook brainstorm and jot down content topic ideas, if you prefer to do this task digitally, you can do so in a tool like MS Word or Google Documents. Grab my 48 Engaging Social Media Content Ideas Guaranteed Your Audience Will Love! Checklist Planner here.
  2. Hour 2: Create a quick outline for each video, writing down three key points (minimum) that you want to cover, with supporting examples and commentary as well as writing down what you want your call to action to be. Creating outlines might seem like a complicated tasks, but if you know the points you want to cover (with practice on creating outlines) then you will become good at it and it will become a breeze after a while.
  3. Hour 3: If you need to conduct research for your topics (you may not see the need to do research) give yourself 10-15 minutes dedicated to research for each topic; take notes. Your content outlines and research notes should work in tandem with one another.
  4. Hour 4 & 5: PRE-Record your videos (in the example 8 short videos at 4 to 6 minutes each). That’s 2 videos for each week in the month (8 videos per month, 2 video per week) that means you will be finish recording ALL of your videos for the month! You  can keep your videos in queue and or  on private until each new week, in which you will release  (make public) your pre-recorded videos on 2 days of each week. I also take this hour to whip up some quick, beautiful graphics in Canva using templates. Lastly, I schedule my videos according to the hours in which my audience is most active.

The above is an example of my content batching routine to give you an example of how content batching works. Content batching routines will vary from person to person. For example, one person may have Tuesday of each week, all day to content batch whereas the next person may have Saturday of each week for 3 hours to content batch. It is up to you to decide a batching schedule best suited and works for you. Whatever you decide for the perfect day and time for your content batching schedule, it will AND does work.

Content batching also works with blogging content as well. Catherine Oneissy of explains how you can become a content batching pro with blogging


Content batching increases productivity  in your business as follows:

  1. Create more time for other important tasks in your business making you work more productively.
  2. Create  content, schedule it and forget it all at once.
  3. Relieves the pressure and stress of having to  create content excellent each day or week.

PRO TIP: Use a timer to time yourself so that you will not spend too much time on one batching task. Using a timer will not only help to divide your batching task into parts, but will help you learn how to batch in shorter amounts of time.

Master The Art Of Content Batching Infographic


If you want to see changes in your productivity while making the content creation process much easier for yourself as a busy entrepreneur and mompreneur, then you should really take a look at starting to batch your content. When you’re new to this it may seem hard in and of itself, but it takes planning, scheduling, and practice. Once you get the hang of it and become a master at this art you will be glad you’ve discovered this effective content creation hack. This is a subject that I will be revisiting in the future.

Have you tried content batching? Tell me below in the comments.

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Happy Batching!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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