What About Your About Page? Laying A Simple Blueprint For Badass About Page

So what about it? Did you know that your about page is THE most important page on your blog and website? When I look at my website statistics and analytics sure enough my about page get the most clicks before any of my blog post.

Aristotle said, “Humans are curious by nature.” Now ain’t that the truth? I know I’m certainly curious (and quite nosy)  [chuckles] when I visit others’ blogs and websites, I go straight to their about me page. When people land on your website or blog it’s natural they are curious to see who’s the man or woman behind the brand. Remember, when I told you here that your brand is more than your logo? Yeah, so you want to make sure that your  about page is on point because you want to make great first impressions on visitors.

If you have an about page already, then you may find that you want to do a review and modifications after you read this post. For those of you who don’t have a website you’re probably thinking, “Well, Rhonda I don’t have a website” My response to this statement is, “You do have a Facebook account don’t you? I tell my clients who don’t have a website (yes, I know websites are a  major task to build and takes some time) to create a Facebook business page.

You see a Facebook business page is set up exactly like a traditional website and has menus just like a website. So if you’re pressed for time for website set–up and creation or there’s still much to be desired for the completion of your website, then I suggest you set-up a Facebook Business page. It’s easy and doesn’t take half the time it takes to set up a traditional website. So if you don’t have a website or in the process of completing set-up don’t worry about not having everything in place right now, The Facebook business page will be your alternative until you get things squared away.

Pinterest Graphics and Templates 3

Now let’s delve into the details of the blueprint of what makes a badass about page divided into three simple to follow steps.

Step 1: Introduction– this is a given, you want to greet visitors with a warm friendly, and exciting introduction. Treat them like a house guest and make them feel “at home” because your website is your internet home and you want your online guests and visitors to feel “at home”  warmth and friendliness through your words. For example, “Hi, I’m (name) and welcome to my page. If you’re looking for another entrepreneur and or small business owner to connect and work with, then you’re in the right at home.” You also want your guests (website visitors) to “feel at home” and come back, within this case become permanent readers and subscribers.

***Bonus Tips****

1. Include a nice, professional picture of yourself smiling, a picture says a thousand words so make sure the words your picture is saying as if you’re speaking to a house guest, “Its nice or I’m happy to meet you or have you stop by, come in and have a seat!”

2. Remember you’re talking to actual people not bots or robots so talk to them in a conversational tone as if you’re talking to a friend. Realyn Tan of raelyntan.com perfectly explains the importance of the human to human connection by stating:

Guess who is reading your about page? That’s right.. a fellow human being.

As bloggers and online entrepreneurs we have a tendency to see people as a number after a while. Y’know.. 50k  page views, 10k subscribers, 70k followers, 100 buyers.

Every single person who visits your about page is a human, and being likable and connecting with him/her on first impression is priceless.

3. Add some fun facts about yourself, such as your likes and dislikes. For example, I discuss in my about page here my love of “reading, writing but definitely not arithmetic (the old term for math). See my full about me page here.

Step 2 :The Body

First, tell your visitors who you are.  This part  is where you go into a little more about your background; what you do and how long you’ve been doing it, meaning how long you’ve been in your industry. Included in this part should be your title, expertise and skills and credentials. For example let’s say if  you are a Pinterest Strategist you could say for example, “I am a Pinterest Strategist. I help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you manage and grow their businesses on Pinterest for 10 years.”

Next, discuss your mission. What is your mission; your purpose or why are you doing what you do and why you love to do it. For example, as a Pinterest strategist what is your reason for helping small business owners and entrepreneurs with growth and development on Pinterest? Are you helping them to save and free up time by managing their Pinterest accounts for them? Are you helping them learn how to properly market their business on Pinterest? Are you educating them how to generate leads and sales from Pinterest?

Then, let you visitors know about notable and major milestones, accomplishments and highlights of your entrepreneurial journey  for example, “I managed the Pinterest accounts of major U.S. clothing brands.” When you  highlight your major milestones and achievements it further establishes your authority as a niche leader and that will add to your brand credibility.

After that talk about the pain points that your visitors maybe experiencing and the benefits of your products and services that will result in a desired pain-free outcome. For example, as a Pinterest strategist your audience of entrepreneurs and small business owners maybe experiencing problems with low to no traffic, low to no leads, no re-pins, low Pinterest page views or low sales. Finally, discuss with visitors the benefits that your audience will reap by hiring or receiving Mentorship from you. For example, explain the benefits they will they receive when they buy your services and products to help them relieve the pains of little traffic, no leads, no repins, low page views and low sales.

Discussing who you are, what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, why you do it, your why and purpose (your mission), pinpointing the pains and explaining the benefits  lets visitors know if you are someone they resonate with, relate to and connect with and if you and they are a great fit to work together.

Step 4: Conclusion

In the conclusion you want to end as you began, warm and friendly, for example you can say, “I look forward to getting to know fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners like you.” Next, don’t forget the call to action which is a prompt to your visitors of what you want them to do next. It’s very important to have that call to action. Do you want them to sign up for your free webinar? Do you want them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or blog? Do you want them to purchase your discounted product or service? Read more about call to actions here.

For an example for an about page you can see my about page here.

Below is my blueprint template for how an about page should look. I broke the template down step by step (e.g. 1, 1a, 2, 2a) to provide a more detailed view of the details that go into a badass about page. You want it? Click the caption below the graphic to sign up to get it.

Pinterest Graphics and Templates 3 (1)
Get this badass about me page template and other freebies in the future, Click here!

This wraps up the What About My About Page? Laying The Blueprint For A Simple Badass About Page. Sign up here to get the rest of my about page blueprint (and more blueprints and other freebies in the future) so that you can began writing a simple badass about page to attract visitors and turn them into permanent and loyal subscribers.

Do you have an about page on your website? Drop the link and let me see those badass about pages.

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Have A Wonderful Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore u Mompreneur


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