The Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Content Relevant On The Regular

5 Ways To Keep Your Content Relavant

If you’re frequently creating content then you must remember that there’s life for your content long after you hit publish. Content has a long digital shelf life, that is if you do the right steps to prolong it.

Don’t allow your content to just sit on the digital shelf to collect digital dust, you must go back and do reviews and revisions as to make sure it stays relevant by tweaking, editing, deleting and adding amongst other things , so I’m going to discuss 5 ways in which you can keep your content relevant on the regular to prolong its digital shelf life .

Here’s What to Do Regularly To Keep Your Content Relevant As Follows:

1. Create new content regularly-You don’t have to create content everyday but you do need to create regularly and consistently you have to decide when and where. For example, once a week on Wednesday at 1:00PM EST maybe a good weekly schedule for you to do weekly YouTube videos.

2. Share and re-share old and new content regularly-Every time you release new content share it out in as many places as possible. Use social media schedulers such as Buffer or Hootsuite or Crowdfire to set and forget it up to months at a time. Also don’t let your older content stay on the digital shelf collecting digital dust. Continue to share out your older content as well because many people don’t see it the first time or the second or the third time. So share out each piece of content old and new at least 4 times per month.

3. Update old content regularly -don’t forget about your older content, I’m pretty sure most of it is still relevant and useful, it just need a few tweaks here and there. So take sometime out once a month to update your older content such as editing, adding new information, deleting old information that may be no longer relevant.

4. Change of content visuals regularly- Just like the content itself needs updating from time to time, so does our graphics and visuals. So while you’re updating older posts (or videos) while you’re at it take a moment and change up those visuals.

5. Recycle/Repurpose existing content regularly– Yes, Yes repurposing content, a life saver when you’re running empty on content creation ideas and topics. In case you don’t know repurposing is taking old content and turning it into new content. For example, turning a blog post into an infographic or a infographic into a video. There’s all types of cool ways to repurpose your content to create new content.

5 Ways to Keep Your Content Relavant Infographic
5 Ways To Keep Your Content Relevant On The Regular Infographic

Keep your content relevant by implementing these five tips within your content creation strategy. If you do the life and relevance of your content will last for months even years to come and be free of collecting those unwanted digital dust and dust mites.

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