6 Content Topic Ideas That’ll Make ‘Em Wanna Click To Read (Or Watch) More!

I’ve been discussing content creation a lot lately because my community that consists of mompreneurs and new entrepreneurs just like you wanted to know more about how to generate topic ideas specific to their audience and niche.

Are these two things familiar:

You’re going around in circles thinking about “OMG! I have absolutely nothing to discuss with my audience today”?

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to come up with topics for your blog posts or videos?

Is this you? Yes?

This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to help you put on your thinking cap and get a brain boost to generate some interesting and enjoyable topics that you can talk about to get ’em clicking.

Okay starting with number one……

  1. How-To Guide or Tutorial such as articles, blog posts, written and video guides and tutorials are one of the best types of content to produce (and might I add very popular) because someone is always looking to learn how to do something and they’re looking for instructions and tutorials whether in the form of a video, blog post, or written guides. For example, if you’re an Instagram marketer you could teach your followers “How To Get 500 more followers on Instagram in 30 days with one post per week!” What how-to can you show and teach someone or your audience today? Think about a how-to that you can demonstrate whether by text (blog post) or video in your industry or niche.
  2. The Dos And Don’ts- When I’m learning something I’m always looking for what to do and what not do. How about you? I dive in with laser focus to master the skill that I’ve set out to master and I want to do all that is right. I often discuss and share Dos And Don’ts of my niche with my audience, which is why I love Dos And Don’ts content. I am able to help my tribe to avoid the pitfalls of doing a certain skill or task the wrong way. What Dos And Don’ts can you inform your audience about today?
  3. The Must Haves- Hmmm must-haves we all have them. I absolutely just love must have posts. If you’re like me, I’m always looking for new tools, items or accessories I could use to make life and business a little bit easier. Must have posts are very popular (and a great type of freebie to give to your audience) that offers a list of things that you must have that will be useful in life or business no matter the industry. For example, if you are a cook with a YouTube cooking Channel telling and showing your subscribers the “20 kitchen utensil must-haves every chef should have in his or her kitchen”. What are some must haves you can share with your audience?

4. The Pro and Cons- Pros and Cons are a great way to inform your audience of the advantages and disadvantages of saying a product or service as make a decision and or weigh on whether to use it (or purchase) or not. If you’re like me I love Pros and Cons content so that I’ll know if I would be wasting my time or money on a product or service that may not be helpful. I did a video here weighing the pros and cons of each social media platform between Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of this was to help my audience decide which platform is best suited for their business. What are some pros and cons regarding a product or service you’re using that you can share with your audience?

5. Compare and Contrast- The opposite of the pros and cons are compare and contrast. Comparing and contrasting is another way to weigh more than one product or service against another by similarities and differences. For example, if you are a makeup and beauty consultant you can compare and contrast makeup brands that you are using comparing the similarities and differences between say Mary Kay’s Lipstick collection and Avon’s Lipstick collection. What are some product or services in your industry that you have tried to compare and contrast?

6. What To Do List- Give your audience some tips on what they should do to succeed in the industry. For example, if you are a successful affiliate marketer you would give newbie affiliate marketer some affiliate marketing success tips. For example, “10 Tips To Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer.” What are some “To Dos” you can list for newbies to be successful in your niche or industry?

5 Content Topic Ideas That'll Make Wanna Click To Read Or Watch More! Infographic
6 Content Topic Ideas That’ll Make “Em Want To Click To Read (or Watch) More! Infographic


There you have it, 6 content topics that will make ’em wanna click and read or watch more! This will stop you from going around in circles spending too much time thinking about what to talk about and get to instantly creating awesome content.

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Have a Great One!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

6 Content Topic Ideas That'll Make 'Em Want To Click To Read Or Watch More Of It! 2

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