The 7 Pillars of Content Creation & Content Marketing Infographic

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary the term Pillar is defined as the following:

  1. a tall upright decorative column or shaft that supports a building or monument.
  2. A well-respected, important and supporting person of a community or society.
  3. The basic principles governing an action and procedure of something.

The type of pillar I’m talking about in this post is of the third kind (definition 3), the basic principles of content creation and marketing, the principles that offer support, strength and action in the creation of and marketing of the web’s most powerful type of marketing that’s building strong brands and communities as well as creating powerful intriguing, interesting content of importance and value.

The pillars and the infographic below discusses the ways in which these 7 pillars provide support, strength and action to make content creation and content marketing possible to create excellent branded content easily and effectively in this digital age.

Which one (or 2) of the 7 Pillars Do You Think are the most critical?

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Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

Have A Good One!

the seven pillars of content creation
The 7 Pillars Of Content Creation & Marketing Infographic 1
The Seven Pillars of Content Creation
The 7 Pillars of Content Creation and Content Marketing Infographic 2

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