How To Create Content On Purpose That Attracts Visitors And Turns Them Into Loyal Readers & Subscribers!

More visitors, readers and subscribers on our social media, websites and blogs. It is what we’re all striving for when we are utilizing content marketing to attract visitors to our platforms and want to turn them into loyal readers and subscribers, right?

But are you creating content on purpose, the purpose of staying relevant and in the know, content that attracts your audience by speaking to their struggles and needs, content that’s thought provoking and problem solving attracting a loyal following, and solving problems? We’ll take a look at how you can if you haven’t already ensure that you’re creating content on purpose.

1. Create content thats relevant to your industry and to your audiences’ needs. For example, if you are an health and wellness coach then your content should reflect the latest news and information on the subjects of nutrition, dieting, weight loss and other healthy lifestyle, behaviors and habits, which includes tips, trainings and tutorials to help your audience achieve their nutrition, dieting and weight loss goals.

Another example, would be a make-up and beauty representative. Your content should reflect the latest information on the subjects of beauty and make-up such as make-up, hair and beauty routines, make-up and hair tips and tutorials, and make up, and hair and beauty hacks.

By creating content that’s relevant you’re helping your audience to stay in-the-know about latest trends, new information and strategies and changes in the industry that will benefit them professionally and personally.

2. Create content that attracts starting with attention grabbing titles that grabs readers’ attention that make them want to click the call-to-action to read more. Such titles that are popular with readers is how-to do something titles for example, if you are an Instagram Marketing & Branding Coach who want to help entrepreneurs build their Instagram following you could create a piece of content called, “How To Get Your First 5,000 Instagram Followers In 30 Days Even If You’re Brand New! ” or “How To Create Branded Instagram Posts in Canva in 10 minutes!”

You can also craft your titles in the form of a question, for example if you are an online marketer you could create a piece of content to help new marketers avoid social media marketing mistakes such as “What are 5 marketing mistakes new marketers make on social media? or “Are you making these 10 networking mistakes on Facebook?”

How to do (or create) something titles are attractive because people are always looking for tutorials on how to do or create something quickly or with ease or they just want to learn a new (or needed) skill.

Titles in the form of questions create curiosity for readers. The title “Are you making these 10 networking mistakes on Facebook?” draws curiosity because readers would want to know if they are making these networking mistakes themselves and how to fix them.

***Extra Tips**

1. Using action words such as discover and secrets are also great words to include in your content that create curiosity in visitors and readers. For example, “Discover the secrets to getting 5,000 Instagram followers in 90 Days, Even if You’re Brand New!”

2. Speak directly to you audience in a conversational tone, using words “you” and “your.” For example, ” Discover expert secrets on how you can increase your Instagram Following by 5,000 In 90 Days, Even If You’re A Newbie!”

3. Always use high quality photos and other visuals for social media and blog posts and make sure your lighting quality is excellent (no need for expensive equipment; iPhone and Android devices are the best) for videos. Posts with visuals and videos increases engagement 3X!

Free Stock Photos are available at pixabay and barn images.

3. Create content that solves a problem that your audience is struggling to overcome. But, first you need to know who your audience is ( who you want to serve) and what their struggles and problems are. For example, if you are an network marketing coach who wants to help new and struggling network marketers build their audience, generate traffic and leads for their business you should create content that help them solve these struggles and problems.

You could create an tutorial demonstrating ” 10 Ways To Get Free Quality Traffic and Leads To Your Sales Funnel” or an e-book with tips on “How To Use Facebook Groups To Build Your Audience In 90 Days With Little Effort.”

4. Create Content That’s Thought Provoking and encourages and enhances critical thinking skills. Your content should help your audience with the following:

  • Solve a problem.
  • Think logically and analytically about ways to solve the problem.
  • Construct and deconstruct arguments( not in the sense of being argumentative in a combative way but pros vs. cons of something type arguments).
  • Forming hypotheses by asking questions, researching, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions based on results.
  • Recognize discrepancies and inconsistencies.
  • Good reasoning vs. bad reasoning
  • Examine reasoning behind thought and belief systems.
  • Looking at ideas from more than one perspective.
  • Encourage and stimulate creativity by developing excellent critical thinking skills.
  • For example, Im currently encourage (and showing) my boss mompreneur group members in how I use creative research, reading and critical thinking skills to create great content.
  • Conclusion

    If you want to turn visitors and readers into loyal subscribers then you need to make sure that your content that is relevant, content that attracts, content that solves a problem and content that thought provoking.

    Content that is strong in relevance, attraction, problem solving and thought provoking are key to get yourself on the path of becoming a content creation and content marketing ninja and building a following of loyal subscribers that love you.

    What are some ways you ensure that your content is relevant, attractive and problem solving to your prospective visitors and readers to convert them into subscribers?

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    Have A Blessed Day!

    Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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