10 Types Of Freebies Your Audience Will Love You For List!

Freebies, Freebies, and more Freebies! Who doesn’t love freebies? They are all over the place and offer a ton of value if you take the time to read and view them. In this post I will briefly discuss 10 types of freebies that your audience will love you for!

Apart of the brand building phase is to begin creating and sharing engaging content in various forms to help your audience problem solve. Freebies is an excellent brand building strategy for these exact 2 reasons:

  1. E-mail marketing and e-mail list building if you want to grow your audience, customer base and brand authority, e-mail marketing and list building is the way to go. Did you know that e-mail marketing is a very effective way to not only share your brand news and content but also a way to make money? For many business owners, e-mail marketing has been one of the top ways in which they found success in their business. Email marketing allows you to connect with the people on your list personally as well as establishing your authority by sharing useful content, sharing news and goings on of what is happening inside your business, and to promote your products and services.
  2. Connect With and Educate Your Demographic- People are looking for answers to questions and solutions for problems, so what better way to do so by offering a problem solving freebie that offers help to your demographic ( your audience) that will end a pain their having? Your freebie should be educational and display your brand leadership and authority (e.g. your intellectual value and knowledge of your niche). This strategy is the primary way of beginning a beautiful relationship of rapport and trust with your audience establishing a brand community.

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for freebies? Well if so I want to share with you 10 freebie creation ideas that your audience will love you for! Make sure your freebies are industry related. They are as follows:

1. E-Books– a book in electronic form that can be made in tool such as Canva. You can create an e-book discussing all aspects of your industry or niche and how it will be of benefit in your clients or customers professional and personal life.

2. Information/Resource Sheets– create a sheet giving your audience information on something about your industry. For example if you are in the natural or health food industry you could create an information sheet for your demographic about where to find the best organic foods and or recipes.

3. Written Step-By-Step Guides-create a guide showing your audience how to navigate something step by step. For example, a YouTube content creator could create a guide called, “The Newbie’s Guide To YouTube.”

4. Video Tutorials-show your audience how to do something. For example, “How To Create Spreadsheets In Excel.”

5. Checklists-Create a checklist to help your audience complete and stay consistent with tasks. For example, a YouTube Daily Video Checklist.

6. The Ultimate Lists (of Something)-Create a huge list of items or any other resources that are industry related and that your audience will benefit from. For example, If you’re a blogger you could create, ” The Ultimate List of Blog Free or Low Cost Resources”.

7. Planners-help your audience better plan their days, weeks and months or year by creating planners. You can create planners using templates in tools such as Canva or Creative Market

8. 15 or 30 minute Strategy or Coaching Sessions- Get personal and connect 1 on 1 with your audience. Get on the phone with individuals, find out what their having trouble with and give them some helpful tips.

9. Courses or Trainings-Offer a free course or training based on your expertise to help your audience become better with a tool or skill. For example, if Facebook Marketing is your niche you could offer a free Facebook ads course.

10. Group Challenges-If you have a Facebook group and a good-sized membership you can have group educational challenges based on helping members develop or improve a skill that they are struggling to master. For example, if your expertise is video marketing then you could create a 14-day video marketing challenge.


This is the list of 10 types of freebies that your audience will love you for. Remember to create a freebie with information, strategy and tips that your audience will find useful to their lives and businesses. So the next time you want to create a freebie and don’t know what to create just refer to this list and you can’t go wrong.

Do you have a freebie? What is it?

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Have A Blessed Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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