How Content Marketing Builds Strong Customer-Brand Relationships And Communities

Question: Are you currently a member of any social media or online communities? Are you building a social media community ?

Social Media and Online Communities have become a very important part of social media networking. There are are a plethora of groups formed on social media, for example Facebook Groups and Communities, for every niche and interest bringing people of like minds together to offer information, a sense of community and support.

For entrepreneurs and stay-at-home moms alike who are looking for direction and guidance on building and growing successful online businesses, educational and support groups are popular. Such groups are formed by entrepreneurs of every industry you can think of who offer free education and training depending upon one’s niche.

Before I go any further let’s define content marketing.

Content Marketing- a type of marketing in which content is created for, curated for, distributed to, shared with and designed to attract a specific audience based on value based educational content that solves said audiences’ specific problems, issues, challenges and pain points.

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Content Marketing, Customer-Brand Relationships and Communities

With content marketing defined let’s get deeper into the discussion like what is the relation between content marketing, brand-customer relationships and communities.

1. Communities are formed by industry leaders and brands to connect with their specific demographic on a more personal level. Any brand worth it’s salt knows that brand trust is acquired by building the like-know-trust relationship with their audience thus forming a community of loyal followers and fans. The goal of industry/community leaders is to help their demographic find answer questions and solve problems.

2. People join communities to find answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. How is that done? Through the creation of, curation of and sharing of useful information provided by community leaders. Community members are also encouraged to participate by sharing useful content that is of use to other community members.

3. Content is created and curated in several forms such as written posts, workbooks, worksheets, information sheets, live videos, graphics, infographics, ebooks, trainings and webinars. Conversations are formed around various relevant industry topics involving analysis and critical thinking as this is the way community leaders and members come together to solve problems. Support is also offered amongst community leaders and members as they help one another navigate the stresses of building, growing and managing a business.

EXAMPLE: Virtual Assistant Education And Empowerment groups offer education and support to new virtual assistants (by Virtual Assistant leaders) who are in the process of building growing and managing a virtual assistant business and all the ups and down that come along with the journey.

4. When community leaders create, share and engage the community with excellent content, the community develops a strong relationship with the leaders and their brands. The creation of such educational, supportive environments create the opportunity for community members to turn into loyal clients and customers to community leaders. Community members then become brand advocates by reviews or referring others to join the brand’s community and purchase their products or services. Many entrepreneurs community leaders and members also have found loyal clients and customers within community.


So the coming together of a group of people with a common problem led by an industry leader providing useful and relevant content for the community, forming relationships of like, know and trust, engaging in community problem solving and also forming client-brand relationships. Content is not only king, it brings us together in building strong long lasting communities and brand-customers relationships.

That’s the power of content marketing.

Like, Share, Comment and Follow. But before you do answer one more question: What industry-related communities are you apart of? What do you love about your communities? What have you learned that has enhanced your knowledge and skills and advanced your business?

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Have A Blessed Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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