Quadruple Your Pinterest Views, Engagement, And Following In 90 Days Or Less………Without All The Busy Work!

Pinterest Marketing_ How to get massive views, engagement and following in 90 Days or less! (1)

Hey! If you have a brand and a blog like me you should be Pinterest (ing) aka pinning content (sharing) and marketing on Pinterest.

According to Sprout Social, a whopping 14 million articles are pinned every day on Pinterest and not only that Pinterest’s referral traffic from other social networks has increased 27% between 2016-2017!!! This is why sooo many bloggers and content creators take advantage of Pinterest because it has helped many businesses get referral traffic too to their blogs via the pinning and re-pinning of highly valuable content!

For the last 4 months, I have been growing my brand presence, awareness and exposure on Pinterest (oh did I mentioned bring more organic traffic to my blog?) and have seen my views, engagement (re-pins) and following grow, like quadrupled from only 432 views to 740 views to 35K views per month!  (Read another post on my Pinterest journey here) And I did it with having a plan and strategy and pinning consistently daily and I did it without spending hours on Pinterest. Cause you know I’m about saving time so I want to show you how I did it, watch this mini video tutorial,  Quadruple Your Pinterest Views, Engagement and Following In 90 Days Or Less…….With Out All The Busy Work!

Like, Share, Comment and Follow! Tell me what you think. Are you thinking about getting started building brand awareness on Pinterest? Also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos, tutorials surrounding the topics of content marketing, attraction marketing tips and strategies and mompreneurship life and hacks.

Have A Blessed Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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