6 Ways To Increase Your Content Reach For More Views, Engagement, Shares And Sign Ups Without Breaking The Bank

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FACT: One of the requirements of building and growing a successful business is investing both time and money. Despite what was once thought, starting and growing business is not completely free. At some point we have to pull out the purses and purchase a product or service that will help you to manage your business more effectively and increase your productivity so that you can increase the growth of your business. For example, whether that is a course to add on to or advance your skill set or to a hire a virtual assistant to provide an extra pair of hands to do or help manage the tasks that you either don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.

This all includes products or services that can help you increase your reach, views, engagement, shares and signups to generate exposure for your content. All of which can be done without breaking the bank.

The five ways you can increase your reach, views, engagement, shares and signups to generate exposure for your content without breaking the bank as follows:

  1. Email Marketing– There’s a saying that goes, ” if you don’t have a list, you are not building a business. “E-mail marketing is one of the top ways in which entrepreneurs communicate with and keep their audience up to date with news and events from within their business. E -mail lists are usually grown by using and autoresponder like Aweber, a lead magnet (i.g., e-book) and capture page in which visitor enter their information in order to access a document, ebook, video or information sheet consisting of some type of valuable information after their information is sent to Your autoresponder.
  2. Social Media Cross Posting- Share your blog posts, social media posts, videos and any other type of content on more than one social media platform. Share more than once, for example share each type of content three times per month on each platform.
  3. Paid Advertising on Social Media-Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads, and Instagram ads. All these platforms offer paid advertising to promote your brand.
  4. Ask Your Followers To Share- as a call to action ask your followers to share out your content. The more they share your content the more their followers see your content which in turn increases reach, views, engagement and more shares and even signups.
  5. Share to Social Media Groups- Sharing your content to groups (Facebook) and Group boards (Pinterest) is an excellent way to get more eyeballs on your content. For example, Facebook live videos get more boost than other post types and on top of that they get even more organic reach when shared to groups. On Facebook go for groups with a few hundred members or less. This increases the chances of your content being seen.
  6. Repurpose Your Content- Repurposing your content saves you time and gives you the opportunity to share your content in various forms, for example, a blog post to video or a video to blog post.

Now that I have given some tips on how to increase your content’s reach, views, engagement, shares and sign ups implement these tips to maximize your social media experience and share some tips of some of the ways  that you increase your content reach, views, engagement, shares and signups?

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Have a Blessed Day!

Rhonda, Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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