The Relationship Between Content Marketing and Attraction Marketing

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Attraction marketing and content marketing have much in common and I use the two together to grow my business. Both types of marketing are very popular right now with marketers and entrepreneurs who want a more effective and less “salesy” way of marketing and promoting their products and services. Here’s how attraction marketing and content marketing are related to one another.

Attraction Marketing– a type of marketing in which a specific targeted audience is attracted to valuable educational based content being presented by the person doing the targeting bringing their intellectual value to the market place to help said specific audience to solve problems, issues, pain points and challenges.

Content Marketing- a type of marketing in which content is created for, curated for, distributed to, shared with designed to attract a specific audience based on value based educational content that solves said audiences’ specific problems, issues, challenges and pain points.

Combined attraction and content marketing work together by first attracting prospects then converting those prospects into customers by creating and sharing valuable and educational content based on solving their specific problems and or issues.

Below are two examples of how content marketing and attraction marketing work together and are related.

EXAMPLE 1: You’re a fitness instructor whose target audience is working moms who want to stay fit while working full time and raising children. You will create, curate and design specialized exercise programs (in the form of video content) to help (and attract) that specific audience. You will also help them to solve their issues surrounding weight loss and staying fit and healthy while working full time and raising children.

EXAMPLE 2: You are a social media marketer whose target market is online home based entrepreneurs. You will create and curate content (i.g., webinars, live videos, e-books) to show/help (and attract) your target audience (home based online entrepreneurs) with strategies, tips and hacks to build brand awareness, gain exposure and solve their problems with generating leads and sales for their business using one or more social media platform.

So I have explained how attraction marketing and content marketing are related and examples of how both work in relation to one another when entrepreneurs and business owners of various industries implement the two into their marketing strategy.

I hope that you have gotten some value. Drop a comment below and tell me what you think? But first, answer this question by dropping the answer below, “Are you implementing attraction marketing and content marketing together to grow your business?

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Have A Blessed Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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