Why You Should Start Utilizing Pinterest to Grow Your Blog And Business Today

Updated May 15, 2018

Pinterest Definition (from Wikipedia)A “virtual pin board” social media platform in which users upload, save, sort and manage images-known as pins and other media content such as videos through collections known as pinboards.

About a month ago, I decided to log into my Pinterest business account which I do not use too often. Like many business owners and entrepreneurs, I was overlooking and ignoring Pinterest to leverage business growth. When I took a look at my abandoned account, I saw the amount of traffic I was generating and was amazed. I was at currently 432 views per month! That’s pretty impressive to say I don’t post to my Pinterest account much and I’m getting more traffic there than I’m getting on Facebook.

I decided that with that much traffic, I need to start back using Pinterest for business…….and more consistently. So I been consistently posting to Pinterest for about 4 weeks and my monthly views has gone from 423 monthly views (sorry don’t have a screenshot) to 740 monthly views to 1.2k monthly views! That’s triple my views 4 weeks ago. Here’s some pics of my current views (below)

With these results in addition to raving reviews from other business owners and entrepreneurs about how Pinterest has played a major part in growing their blogs and businesses, I decided I better hop on the Pinterest for business train.

I’ve observed that Pinterest is a gold mine of free traffic ( and like Google and YouTube it has its own search engine too) to your website and to your blog. Pinterest users share great educational articles and other content such as beautiful graphics and videos of their own and those of other users. You can even join group boards to assist in helping get more eyeballs on your content. Boy, I’ve been missing out.

So if you’re not on Pinterest, I highly recommend that you either revive your Pinterest boards or create an account and get started pinning today. Oh and by the way, its best to use the Pinterest scheduling app Tailwind to help you schedule your pins for days or months ahead, automatically posting your pins at the times your followers are the most engaged.

Tailwind helps pinners save lots of time and you can find it in your iPhone or android App Store. You get a free trial then it $ 9.99 per month after.

I will continue to keep you all updated on my progress on my Pinterest growth with updates to this post.

So I’ll close out with these 3 questions. Are you overlooking Pinterest to help you grow your blog and business? Do you use Pinterest consistently for business? Why or why not? If so, explain how it has helped your blog and business grow?

Have A Great Day

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

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