The Role of Color Psychology In Branding, Marketing and Purchasing

Hey, hey, let’s talk about color branding and the human psychology behind it in branding, marketing, and purchasing. For the past year and a half, I’ve taken and interest in and have been studying all aspects of branding.  This particular post (and the accompanying video link below the infographic) I will take time out to talk about the color aspect of branding, the role of color psychology in how we brand, market and purchase.

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Colors influences how your brand is seen meaning your brand’s personality. Yes, your brand has its own unique personality just like you have your own unique personality. Did you know that in branding and marketing, each color has it’s own definition behind it? For example, purple means creativity, pink for feminine, red for adventurous, and brown for ruggedness. The color you choose may also represent your own personality, for example purple is one of my brand colors and it describes my personality as a creative soul. Tell me, what is your brand colors if you have one? Does your brand colors also reflect your personality as a person?

Color also influences how people respond to a product and service. Since colors also determine reactions to products or services, then pink for example would bring out emotions and feeling of care, nurture and feminine in customers or red that could evoke emotions of ambition, excitement and energy.

Good color branding in advertising determines whether people purchase your product or service. For example, let’s say you are selling feminine products, then pink would be the at least one of the colors you would most likely choose to represent your brand because your target audience is most likely women;  pink conveys traits that are often associated with femininity such as nurturing, caring and of course femininity.

Are you using the right colors that represent your brand personality? Are you using colors that influences your customers’ purchasing decisions? Don’t forget to click the link below the infographic to view the video to find out now. Let’s talk more about it.

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The Color of Psychology In Business Branding (1)
The Color Psychology of  Business Branding, Marketing & Purchasing

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