Productivity: The 4 Activities YOU As A New Entrepreneur Should Be Doing Daily To Grow Your Business (Daily Mode of Operation)

If you are a new entrepreneur, you should be engaging in productive activities daily that will grow your business AND increase your income. Spend more time on the activities that will generate you income rather than the activities that just keep you busy (e.g., cleaning out your desk, tweaking your website). About 70% of your time should be dedicated to these following 4 activities:

E-mailing your list (Email Marketing)- E-mail marketing is a form of electronic marketing via email in which you keep your subscribers in the know about  the latest news and events taking place in your business. Subscribers usually opt-in to an  email list by the use of  e-mail marketing automation tools called autoresponders (Three popular autoresponders are Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp  ) to obtain an offer (e.g., a free e-book). If you don’t have an autoresponder, get one today, email marketing IS important. Click the links to view plans and pricing.

Email marketing includes keeping your subscribers updated on  upcoming events, such as training webinars, masterclasses, or mastermind Q&As, your latest sales, offers, giveaways and discounts, you can even share your latest blog post, live video, the launch of a new product or service and more!

There’s a saying in the marketing industry that, “The Money Is In Your List.” The people on your list are potential clients and customers, so it is important to keep in touch with your audience and to keep them engaged AND most importantly build and nourish relationships.

Create Value-Based Content– Value-Based Content is content that will answer the questions and resolve the issues, pains, and problems that your audience has.  For example, if you are a health and wellness coach you would create content to help your target audience achieve mental health or improve mental health issues. For example, you may create a live training showing are audience tools and techniques to lessen their issues with anxiety. Your content to your audience can be in the form of live videos, live webinars, masterclasses, blog posts, masterminds, and group coaching sessions.

Prospect-If you are generating leads aka people who are asking about or opting in your business opportunities, you need to follow-up with them. Schedule a call or Skype with them and find out what is their issues problems or concerns and how you can be of help to them.

Network- networking IS one of the essentials important to the success of your business. Building relationships with other entrepreneurs and your audience will help you to build trust and credibility for the value you give and they will like (and love) you. People buy from people they like, know and trust. You should be networking with 3-5 people a day AND continue to nourish your relationships with your audience and fellow entrepreneurs. Connect with them human to human. Discuss your families, your businesses (don’t sell), your dreams and goals. Another benefit to networking is that you may be referred to a potential client by another entrepreneur.


The Entrepreneur's Daily Mode of Operation
Daily Mode of Operation Infographic

If you do these 4 activities daily, you are on your way to a successful and profitable business! I hope that you have found value in this post, please like share and comment. Before you leave, grab this FREE 10 tips to 50 leads per day training here.


Have a Blessed Day!

Rhonda, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

Virtually Here Fore U

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