General Virtual Assistant Vs. Specialist Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is defined as a self-employed virtual personal assistant who provides administrative, creative, and technical services from a remote location (e.g., home office).

There are two categories of Virtual Assistants. The General Virtual Assistant and The Specialist Virtual Assistant.

The General Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant who provides general (a wide array of services; more than one area of service) of virtual assistant services and support. For example, the general virtual assistant can provide services and support in all thee main areas of virtual assistant support services; administrative (word processing, scheduling, preparing and sending emails), creative/graphic design (graphics, clip art, flyers, posters,etc.) and technical (website development and setup, setting up email autoresponders, set-up social media pages and accounts).

The  Specialist Virtual Assistant is a virtual assistant who provides services in one specialized area. For example, you have virtual assistants who only specialize in graphic design, those who specialize in transcription (convert speech live or recorded into a written/digital manuscript document) or data entry (entering information into digital formats) and others who only specialized in social media support and management.

Knowing what is a virtual assistant and what they do and the two types of virtual assistant categories will assist you in finding the right virtual assistant to help you in your journey of business growth and development.

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