The Unique Features of the Top 5 Social Media Platforms and Choosing Which One Is Best Suited For Your Business

Should I leverage Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest? or Tumblr? Or all of them? to grow my business? This is a question that mompreneurs and entrepreneurs  ask when determining which social media platform would be a good fit to leverage business growth. Social Media is important in building and growing  your online business and if you’re not on social media I highly recommend that you get on… NOW. Start with at least one social media platform (It’s highly recommended by marketing experts that you master one social media platform first to avoid overwhelm). Social Media platforms offers entrepreneurs and small  business owners the opportunity to build relationships and connections, engage with other entrepreneurs and their target audience by sharing and exchanging pictures, videos (live or pre-recorded), blog posts for both educational purposes and sometimes for fun.  The following list is a run down of the unique features of the top 5 social media platforms that you can leverage for your business:

Facebook is a social media networking platform in which users create an account and create a profile with their name, occupation, educational background, residence, contact and other relevant profile information. Facebook is also ideal for people who want to join groups based on common interest and goals based on occupation, education, entrepreneurship, business, hobbies and more.

For entrepreneurs, Facebook is the #1 social media platform to build relationships based upon the know-like-trust factor and with other entrepreneurs and potential clients, build their brand and promote and sell their products and services. Facebook live is the platform’s MOST popular feature as it gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach exponential growth in their business by live interaction and engagement with their followers and audience, build and grow their audience, attracting more followers and offers the option of  allowing your audience to receive notifications when you’re about to go live.

Twitter is the #1 social media news source and is also a networking site. Registered Twitter users send and receive messages called “tweets” on a myriad of topics and it is dubbed as the “SMS (Short Message Service) of the Internet”. Twitter Tweets are only readable to visitors whereas registered users are able to read, tweet, and follow other twitter users.

Many entrepreneurs leverage Twitter to build their brands by tweeting and re-tweeting blog posts and articles, educational or non-educational, pictures, videos, messages and promoting and selling products and services. Like Facebook, Twitter’s most popular feature right now is Periscope, which entrepreneurs can go live and share personal experiences or educational content for a more personal and up-close audience interaction and engagement.

Instagram is the #1 pictorial social networking site of the Internet which allows registered users to express ideas and stories by uploading and sharing photos, crop and add digital filters prior to sharing and  adding hashtags aka keywords to photos linking to other photos with the same subject or topic and send messages. Users can also add captions explaining photos. Unfortunately, uploads can only be done by iOS and android devices and only viewed (and change profile info) on desktop PC.

Instagram is really hot right now with business, you can easily switch your personal account to a business account. Instagram is growing by the day as more people are seeing the value of Instagram social networking and marketing and more entrepreneurs are taking to Instagram to engage, connect with other entrepreneurs and engage and connect with their target audience. Furthermore, entrepreneurs are leveraging Instagram for the promotion and selling their products and services.

Pinterest is the “virtual pin board” of the Internet. Registered users can upload, save, share, sort and manage images and videos called pins and collecting and saving pins to virtual pin boards. Users are able to share content or images to Pinterest from other sites using the “Pin It” button, which is downloaded to a web browser or by connecting another site or social media to Pinterest.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses are growing and engaging their audience on Pinterest as well as promoting and selling their products and services. Pinterest boasts a reputation of effectively driving sales more than Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.


Tumblr is the Internet’s all-in-one social media platform, allowing posting, sharing, in-boxing and messaging, uploading photos and videos, hash-tagging, and blogging! Users have the option to make their blogs public or private. Tumblr is the most unique of all the aforementioned platforms, most likely because of its all-in-one features which may make it appear impossible to leverage, at first glance to many entrepreneurs. However, Tumblr is VERY user-friendly to the novice and like the other social media platforms, Tumblr can be managed via iOS and android and posts from the platform can be shared to other social media.

With over 200 million blogs and 80 million posts published daily, Tumblr is a VERY slept on social media marketing platform.  Millennials are Tumblr’s biggest demographic, so if you’re a millennial entrepreneur and your target audience are millennials, then Tumblr is the right platform for you.

NOTE: All of these social networking sites can be connected to one another for easier sharing of content. 

If you are an entrepreneur in the process of deciding which social media platform you want to use to build your brand, then this list will be helpful to you to decide which platform is most suitable (and most easy to use) for your business needs.

This concludes the unique features of the top 5 social media platforms  and choosing the one best suited for your business. My hope is that you found value in this content and that you like, comment, and share.

Thank you,

Rhonda Fore, The Virtu Works Fore U Mompreneur

Virtually Here Fore U

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